Nicky Jam’s Remarkable Weight Loss Journey and Retirement Announcement: Insights and Inspiration

2023-12-06 00:14:00
Nicky Jam reflected on the drastic weight loss he has had throughout 2023 (Credits: Luis Fernandez/The Grosby Group)

Renowned singer and reggaeton star Nicky Jam has experienced a remarkable transformation in his health after undergoing gastric bypass surgery six months ago. This procedure consists of reducing the size of the stomach and its subsequent direct connection with the small intestine. At 42 years old, Jam, whose real name is Nick Rivera Caminero, revealed that his constant struggle with being overweight has been a challenge in an industry that requires maintaining good physical shape for activities such as acting in films and starring in music videos.

The El Perdón singer was inspired to make this decision after seeing the positive results of a friend who underwent a similar operation. Although he admitted to having nerves prior to the surgery, he was convinced of the need for the change. After the operation, Jam has managed to lose about 50 kilograms and is still losing weight, especially thanks to another of his passions: basketball.

In addition to the gastric bypass, Nicky Jam assured that basketball has helped him a lot to lose weight (Credits: Instagram/Nicky Jam)

“I play basketball every day. I’m a big basketball fan, and that’s what I do with my friends, wherever I travel. Here we have a covered track. “We play every day, and every time we play basketball, I think I lose a kilo!” declared the musician.

In addition to surgery and sports, Nicky Jam has made significant changes in his diet, but above all, in his relationship with food.

“Before I would wake up and just want to eat. Now I take my time and eat when I want. I feel better. I feel happy. I feel healthy. “Two days ago I had blood tests and it came out better than ever.”

“I feel better. I feel happy. I feel healthy. Two days ago I had blood tests and I came out better than ever,” declared the musician about his new eating habits.

However, and as Jam himself reiterates, gastric bypass is far from being “the easy way out.” The procedure requires several sacrifices and new habits that can be very complicated to follow.

“Here you are forced not to eat. You can’t even drink liquids and eat at the same time. Because the stomach is so small, you fill up very quickly. So you have to learn to eat, wait 20 minutes and then drink some liquid.”

Nicky Jam reiterated that gastric bypass is not the easy way out, as it also requires many sacrifices Photo © 2022 Spread Pictures/The Grosby Group

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These limitations also helped Jam forget about one of his most self-destructive habits: alcohol. Now, the musician “gets dizzy” with very small amounts of wine, which he sees as beneficial since there was a point in his life when he had to fight his addiction to drinking and opioids, which were also key to his Nicky Jam was overweight.

Jam reiterated that all these changes in his life have made him feel better about himself. “I gave up drugs. I cleaned. I lost weight in those years, I lost weight, and people looked at me as if to say: ‘Hey, you look new. You look like another human being.’ And the way you love and care for yourself makes it easier for the world to love and support you. So are the things”.

Nicky Jam assured that he will soon retire, but first he will release one last album and give a final tour (Credits: Instagram/Nicky Jam)

The interview that Nicky Jam offered to People comes just a couple of months after the announcement that he would soon retire. However, before saying goodbye to his audience, Jam plans to do one last tour and release his final album. It is worth mentioning that the artist originally from Massachusetts, United States, began his career in 2004 with the album Vida escante, releasing four more studio albums and the most recent being Infinity from 2021.

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