10 cute stories of Lee Jong-suk, the handsome actor from Big Mouth.

6. Take a course to prepare to be a groom.

In addition to spending his free time watching movies and listening to music. If there is free time, Lee Jong Suk also wants to attend a grooming preparation course. Anyone who is a fan should know that this young man has always said that he wants to get married at a young age. But now I haven’t found a future bride. So he wanted to try taking classes for cooking classes, massage classes, and all the activities that could enhance his skills as a good husband. He also said that his wife had to be smart, determined, cute, and he would respect him wholeheartedly. Little Duck is ready for a bachelorette like this. Let’s prepare to be happy in advance.

7. Which role is most resonating with the little duck?

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As you know, Lee Jong Suk debuted as an actor since 2010, so he has gone through a variety of roles, including a doctor, prosecutor, lawyer, psycho killer, but his favorite character is. Park Soo Ha A young man who can hear the thoughts of those around him from the series. I Can Here Your Voice (2013) But the role that he loves the most and wants to see a lot is Cha Eun Ho Young writer from the series Romance is a Bonus Book (2019) Who has been following Lee Jong Suk for a long time, can you tell me which character of the duckling is your favourite?

8. The challenge I want to do as an actor

Lee Jong Suk plays the role of Park Chang Ho in the drama Big Mouth.One of the things Lee Jong Suk wants to do to challenge his acting abilities is role play. A character who cried a lot He believes that he can do it well because many people have said that he is good at crying. He also said that he had been waiting for a role like this for a long time but had not had a chance to do it yet. With the news that he likes to watch the melodrama series that ends in disappointment. He also believes that the gloomy ending will make viewers remember him more than a work that ended in a happy ending. In fact, how it ends, we can remember him from every piece. Of course, when little duck cries, prepare tissues to wipe away tears.

9. Lee Jong Suk’s Favorite Food

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Lee Jong Suk secretly said that he likes almost all kinds of food. Every meal that was delicious and satisfying was his happiness. This young man’s favorite dish is pasta which he had practiced until he became proficient But I love it and eat it often without getting bored. Kukbab Pork soup in hot pot served with steamed rice and various side dishes. When eating, rice is usually poured into the soup. Many people are known as Korean Porridge Lee Jong Suk likes to eat gukbab especially when it’s cold. Every time you go out, you have to eat every time. Hearing this, the girls hurried into the kitchen to practice making kubba.

10. The simple happiness of a guy named Lee Jong Suk.

besides eating Lee Jong Suk is also a young man who finds happiness in the simple things around spending time with him. dolmen and Just The two dogs he had raised especially the first one who is already old So he wanted to take the time to create as many good memories as possible. At the same time, Little Duck also adds happiness to those around him with simple words, encouraging the staff members to go to the set. He was clearly a simple down-to-earth youth. It’s also gentle to animals and people around them. Hearing this, the fans all burst into tears.

Lee Jong Suk is a good example of someone who has a dream. Know what you want to do and focus on every opportunity. Remove the insults that have good looks but with a terrible skill until successfully becoming a leading hero. Many people who have been following this little duck since the beginning of the series should be able to see the improvement in his acting that is increasing day by day. They also picked up the roles that were awesome and pouring out their laps until it was said that none of Lee Jong Suk’s stories weren’t fun. plus a cute personality that is worthy of the nickname believe that he will shine on this path for a long time Pin and wait for new works for a long time.


got to know 10 cute things about Lee Jong Suk that have already been deposited Anyone who wants to keep track of the work of this young man can click the link above to read the review further. You can also follow lifestyle and update more work at Instagram: @jongsuk0206Disappeared and enlisted in the military for many years. This event, the fans returned to sneak in almost no time.

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Invite everyone to find the real Big Mouse together in the series. Big Mouth That is now in the heat of turning a prison into a battlefield. update new episode Every Friday and Saturday night at 10 PM. Let’s help Park Chang-ho escape his brutal fate live every week. The series exposes the darkest darkness of society. It should not be missed by all means.

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