10 days of prostitution in Macau because she believed in his words to “make you happy”…Woman was completely fooled by Kabukicho host: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

2024-04-17 21:00:00

Many Japanese women travel overseas to engage in prostitution and get into trouble. Last year, a woman living in Tokyo was forced to work as a prostitute overseas after falling in love with a hostess in Kabukicho, Shinjuku. She faced danger and returned home exhausted. Her feelings have hit rock bottom and she still can’t get back on her feet. (Masaki Nakamura)

◆10 million yen per month was spent in cash and 30 credit cards.

The woman, who was an office worker, visited a host club in Kabukicho in January last year. She was there to meet a host she had supported on a video posting site. She was hugged by her intended host and received a gift. She was also told that she was looking at marriage, and she moved in and they started living together.

A woman who has experienced overseas prostitution.She emphasized how scary she was in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

The demands escalated. In April of the same year, he was told, “I want to be the most popular in my group at the store,” and spent about 10 million yen in cash and 30 credit cards. I once paid 3 million yen by card when I visited the store. Eventually, she was asked to work as a prostitute overseas to earn money for her shop. “When I didn’t like him, he yelled at me and threw things at me. I was also scared of losing money, and I loved him so I had no choice but to try my best.”

◆Local customers refused contraception and were even strangled

I contacted the man at the vendor specified by the host and traveled to Macau at my own expense. I met five or six people a day at a hotel. “I couldn’t help but feel the pain. I was filled with the desire to run away.” A customer refused her birth control and strangled her. Even though she was afraid of sexually transmitted diseases, she couldn’t understand her words, and she cried every day. She became unwell and returned home about 10 days earlier than planned. She still hasn’t received her salary, which is supposed to be 30,000 yen per hour.

Night view around Shinjuku Station, Tokyo (file photo)

After returning to Japan, he continued to visit the store, and when his payment was delayed, the host criticized him and they got into a big fight. After that, he was out of touch. “I was told that I would never betray you and that I would make you happy, so I believed it, but I was just being mind-controlled (brainwashed). There was no true love.”

◆Now that we’ve broken up…”I don’t want you to go to someone else.”

A woman with a debt of 15 million yen now works at a sex shop. Her mental state is unstable, she eats poorly, and there are times when she feels like jumping off a building. She said, “Overseas prostitution is very dangerous, and I think some people have gone missing. I hope other people don’t go there.”

Hidemori Gen, representative of the Parent Liaison Council for the Protection of Youth (Shinjuku Ward), a general incorporated association that supports these women, said, “Prostitution mediation is human trafficking and sexual exploitation.Women are turned into commercial products in overseas prostitution and the sex industry.” I want society to take this issue more seriously.”

◆ “Danger of not being able to understand the language and fearing what will happen to you” and even crime in the local area

Regarding overseas prostitution, the Metropolitan Police Department successively arrested two broker groups in late January and early April of this year on suspicion of violating the Employment Security Act for procuring women from Japan. One of the groups, which recruited women through job posting sites, said that over the past three years they had transferred 200 to 300 women to prostitutes in the United States, Australia, Canada, and other countries. It is feared that many women may have traveled.

According to a senior detective at the Metropolitan Police Department, the investigation began last spring with a letter from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security informing them that “Japanese women are being refused entry into Japan one after another on suspicion of traveling for the purpose of prostitution.” Both groups instructed women to emphasize the “tourism purpose” of their trip.

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A senior investigating officer points out the risks of overseas prostitution, saying, “There is a risk that the language may not be understood and you may not know what will happen to you.” In fact, one woman was almost forced to take illegal drugs by customers, and another was beaten and shot with a model gun. In one case, he was forced to sit on the ground in the desert and threatened to kill him if he spoke after getting into trouble with a local vendor.

Prostitution is illegal in most countries, and if you enter the country for tourist purposes, you may be working illegally. A senior investigating officer warned, “There is a risk that they will not only be involved in a crime, but also commit a crime themselves.” (Sadatoshi Ogura)

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