100 liters of heating oil flowed into the Wörthersee

2023-06-19 08:00:00

According to the police, a heating oil tank was loaded and disposed of when clearing out a house on Saturday evening, and the heating oil was emptied into the surface drainage. It was not clear at first whether this was done negligently or intentionally, and the investigation was started, according to a police release. What is certain, however, is that the employees of the transport company who had carried out the clearing out had not reported the incident, which is why the oil made its way through various channels into the Auenbach and finally into the Wörthersee. The fire brigade set up an oil barrier in the area of ​​the Schiefling lido, and the state chemist of the Carinthian state government was also on the spot. The surface drainage was cleaned by the municipality of Schiefling and the Wasserverband Ost.


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