1,397 job offers for those who have been unemployed for months

He Government announced that has 12 business partners to run the program Empléate and thus give him employment 1,397 vulnerable people and help them get out of their economic crisis.

According to Social Prosperity, these employment opportunities will offer applicants a minimum retention of three months. In addition, the idea is that they can access the charges despite some “Access barriers in documentation, transport or training”.

The entity stated that the profile it is looking for is of Colombians of legal age who have been unemployed for more than 4 months and that they have not been holders of no employability program in the last 3 years.

Similarly, Prosperidad pointed out that “applicants must be part of the lists of Unidos, Sisbén or Jóvenes en Acción, who have completed the intervention in the program.”

What population would benefit from job offers?

In a measure that also seeks inclusion, the Government hopes that, with the initiative, among those selected will be:

  • 207 women over 40
  • 117 Youth in Action graduates
  • A dozen people with disabilities.

Some of the regions that will benefit from the program that seeks to provide employment

According to Social Prosperity, Cauca’s Valley It is the department with the most municipalities (9) where there will be job creation processes. Follow him Meta (7) and Antioquia (6). Similarly, Neiva, a city with 34% unemployment, is also covered by the Empléate program.

The initiative, says the Government, demands resources for 3,215 million pesos, which are administered under the figure of the Payment for Results Fund.

How do you access job offers?

Time explains that Those interested in being part of the call have two ways to register.

The first is by registering through the Information System of the Employment Service, where you must create an account and include some information.

Employment service

The second, the newspaper notes, is by filling out a job profiling form on the program page Empléate.

Empléate Platform, of the National Government.
Empléate Platform, of the National Government.


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