15:15 Wellbeing: A Tea Room Without Taboos – Chloé Turbian’s Social Design Approach

2024-04-22 12:54:00

In her store, “3:15 pm wellness”, located at 8 rue Fourie, Chloé Turbian, social designer, has created a tea room where we talk about everything, without taboos.

Chloé Turbian is educated at the design center at the Le Corbusier high school in Strasbourg, and has certainly worked in graphic design, but she has also specialized in social design.
This little-known aspect makes it possible to create educational tools so that individuals who feel bad about themselves can break the chains of unhappiness.

“In this context, I created educational kits to address, especially with young people, the topic of intimacy, a source of anxiety for many,” explains Chloé Turbian.

Overcome the complexes

To follow her goal, she created games so that these young people could explain how they design their bodies. “I showed them pictures of people who were likely to offend people, by appearance or difference.

They could retouch these images and shape their vision of what they consider standards. The idea was to push them to overcome their own complexes, she continues.

Equipped with a more solid psychological foundation, they can more easily communicate with psychologists or psychiatrists who accompany them.

Chloé Turbian also supported young girls who suffered from anorexia, bulimia or were subjected to scarification and helped them to understand all the problems related to approaching and accepting their own bodies.

“We dealt with topics as delicate as sexuality, puberty, birth control, masturbation…” she confides. In the sets she imagined, she introduced small cubes representing breasts, mouths, genitals, naked bodies… A fun way to talk about themes that block, repel, sometimes even disgust.

A caring space where speech is free

Based on this experience, she created, at 8 rue Fourie, a boutique tea room where words circulate without judgement, without complexes, without taboos. This establishment, called 15:15 Wellbeing, is part of the knowledge acquired in Strasbourg.

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“The mirror hour of 15:15 is symbolic. It promises incredible encounters. This is what I want to develop. This is a room with a focus on friendliness. In the boutique section there are intimate toys, massages and pleasure oils, she says.

But she knows that these products are not enough to relax and calm the most introverted. The bookshop section sells books dealing with endometriosis, sterility, pleasure, sex and breast cancer.

But the tea room, complementary to the shop, is something of the nerve center of this room. “This part dedicated to togetherness is a place of sharing and exchange where visitors, often engulfed in embarrassment and uneasiness, can indulge.

“We enjoy a coffee or tea and let loose, we kind of break down taboos. Often gynecologists, sexologists, therapists and psychologists lead workshops. And all topics related to intimacy are discussed there

Reclaim your sex life

These meetings, held only in very small groups, aim to give confidence to people who are facing extreme inner and intimate distress.

“They need to reclaim their sex life,” Chloé says. Her mission is to have contact with doctors and psychologists for her part, she does everything to ensure that gentleness and trust reign in this central space.
To make herself known, she communicates on social networks. There she works on creating a website.

Jean-Francois Julien

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