16 Steam Tech boot animations (and how to use them)

The Steam surface has a modified GameCube logo on the screen.

pic: mastery (AP)

Setting up a custom boot animation in Steam Deck is a bit more than just accessing a menu option, as you have to enter the file structure in desktop mode. But it is very easy. The basic gist is, change the layout on the desktop, create two folders and paste them into the webm file. This is the basis.

As for the OS version, it doesn’t need to be in beta channel. As long as your deck has been updated to at least SteamOS 3.3.2, you are good to go.

Uncover hidden files in desktop mode

Switch to desktop mode and open the “Dolphin” instance. No, it is not a Gamecube/Wii emulator. Dolphin is a SteamOS file explorer, similar to Windows Explorer or macOS Finder.

Click on the sandwich icon at the top right of the window and enable “Show hidden files.” (Ctrl + H is a quick shortcut to get this done as well.)

Create a custom folder for animation

After enabling hidden files, go to ~/.steam/root/config and create a folder called “uioverrides”. Yes, two rupees.

In this folder, create a “Movies” folder. There you will drop the custom boot video of your choice.

Prepare your video

The Steam Deck custom startup animation requires a webm video with a resolution similar to the 1280×800 deck screen. If it isn’t already there, rename the file”deck_startup.webm. The boot animation will not work, otherwise. Also keep in mind that videos of running Steam Tech are only 10 seconds long.

All that remains is to restart your collection and enjoy the new animation! If that doesn’t work, see the steps above.

This is it. Now you know How about, go ahead and install your favorite Steam Tech boot animation. beyond thee 16 I participated here, and more will appear every day, so go ahead.

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