Foundry leader TSMC (2330-TW) The annual report is released. TSMC predicts that the overall semiconductor industry (excluding memory) will grow by 12% this year, and TSMC’s platform applications will grow simultaneously this year. Among them, the shipment of IoT devices is expected to increase by 30%. The top platform, followed by automotive electronics, is expected to rebound by 11-13%.

TSMC pointed out that the increase in demand for 5G smartphones and high-performance computing products in the market last year drove the growth of semiconductor demand. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the increase in home-based epidemic prevention and work at home has further promoted the growth of demand. At the same time, in response to market demand and the high degree of uncertainty in the supply chain, the inventory level of the electronic product supply chain is higher.

TSMC predicts that the overall demand for electronic products will further increase this year, and the overall semiconductor industry (excluding memory) will grow by 11-13%. In the long term, due to the increase in the proportion of electronic products using semiconductors, IC design factories continue to expand their market share, the proportion of outsourced manufacturing of IDM factories has increased, and system companies have increased the use of their own special application components. The growth of the semiconductor manufacturing service sector in 2020-2025 It is expected to be stronger than the 4-6% compound annual growth rate of the overall semiconductor industry (excluding memory).

As the commercialization of 5G continues to accelerate, new 5G mobile phones will shorten the overall replacement cycle. TSMC expects the smartphone market to grow by 7-9% this year. High performance, longer battery life, physiological sensors and more artificial intelligence applications will continue to promote the sales of smart phones.

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TSMC’s unit shipments of high-performance computing platforms grew by 11% last year. Following the strong growth last year, TSMC estimates that unit shipments of high-performance computing platforms will grow by 7-9% this year. It is expected that a number of factors will drive the demand for high-performance computing platforms. Including the continuous deployment of 5G base stations, the growth of demand for artificial intelligence servers in data centers, and the increase in sales of new-generation game consoles.

The IoT platform was driven by the epidemic last year, and the unit shipments of IoT devices grew by 17%. TSMC estimates that this year, with the continuous growth of Bluetooth headsets, smart watches, and smart speakers, the unit shipments of IoT devices will grow by about 30%. .

Automotive electronics were affected by the epidemic last year. TSMC expects this year to benefit from the global economic recovery, especially in the automotive market. The unit sales of automobiles will show a rebound of 11-13%.

The unit sales of consumer electronic products declined by 7% last year. TSMC expects that overall consumer electronic product shipments will rebound slightly this year. Among them, 4K and smart TV shipments will continue to grow positively.

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