“18th Week of Healthy Habits at Virgen de la Arrixaca Hospital: Promoting Wellness through Nutrition, Fitness, and Emotional Well-being”

2023-05-23 13:02:08

The Virgen de la Arrixaca hospital hosts from today until next Friday a series of activities aimed at professionals and patients

The Minister of Health insists on these two key points to prevent diseases such as obesity or cardiovascular pathologies

The Virgen de la Arrixaca University Clinical Hospital is hosting the 18th Week of Healthy Habits from today until next Friday under the slogan ‘If you want to take care of your body: eat, dance, laugh and dream’.

During this week, the hospital center will offer various activities aimed at promoting the importance of following a healthy diet, regular physical activity and caring for emotional well-being.

The Minister of Health, Juan José Pedreño, inaugurated the Healthy Habits Week and visited the exhibition that will be installed all week at the entrance to the Maternal and Child pavilion of the hospital. There he insisted on the “importance of following a varied and healthy diet, and staying active as an investment for the future to avoid being overweight and other risk factors that can trigger serious pathologies in the long run.”

Pedreño referred, specifically, to following a balanced diet and doing about 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week as key points to prevent diseases such as obesity or cardiovascular pathologies.

expert tables

The inaugural round table brought together experts from various subjects in physical-emotional well-being. From the endocrinologist and scientific disseminator, Juan Madrid, as moderator, to Juan José López, traumatologist and doctor of the tennis player Carlos Alcaraz or the head of Psychiatry of the Arrixaca, Francisco Toledo.

Throughout the week, the hospital center will host healthy cooking workshops for adults and children, as well as dance, yoga and Pilates.

In addition, the PupaClown hospital clowns will perform every morning at the bedside in the children’s hospital with numbers focused on healthy habits.

Likewise, a special meal will be offered for patients prepared by the chef of the Taúlla de Murcia restaurant, Rodi Fernández, and a healthy fruit workshop will be held by the dean of the College of Dietitians-Nutritionists of the Region of Murcia, Luis Hidalgo, and the hospital’s Patient Kitchen Service.

‘Activa’ physical exercise prescription program

Since 2010, the Ministry of Health has had the ‘Activa’ program for the prescription of physical exercise, which currently has agreements in force in 23 municipalities in the Region of Murcia.

More than 7,000 patients have gone through the program, in which Primary Care doctors and nurses who prescribe physical exercise participate. Currently, there are 38 active physical exercise groups in 14 municipalities, of which four have been established as districts, with the aim of bringing the program as close as possible to the users.

This month alone, 56 patients have been referred to the ‘Activa’ program from different health centers, in addition to those referred from hospital services for specific Cardiology, Oncology and Mental Health groups.

‘Activa’ is a community action program aimed at promoting physical exercise as a healthy lifestyle and affects the field of health, education, prevention, therapy and continuity.

Its axis is the prescription of physical exercise from Primary Care centers to people with high-prevalence chronic pathologies who may benefit from exercise, for which it has the collaboration of the municipalities, which provide sports spaces for the development of the program .

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