19,000 children orphaned in Gaza after 6,000 women die – 2024-04-19 05:07:52

UN Women estimates that six months after the start of the war, a total of more than 10,000 women have been killed in Gaza, including around 6,000 mothers, leaving behind around 19,000 orphaned children.

As for the women who survived the Israeli bombings and ground military operations, they are displaced, widowed and face the risk of starvation. These disparate impacts on women in Gaza continue to make the war in Gaza essentially a war on women, the organization underlines.

The presented report provides a detailed analysis of the reality of life for women and girls in the Strip. It mainly focuses on the lack of access to drinking water, sanitation and hygiene services, which are vital to women’s health, dignity, safety and privacy.

The UN bulletin stated in its report:

“More than a million women and girls in Gaza face devastating hunger, with almost no access to food, safe drinking water, usable toilets or running water, exposing them to life-threatening risks.”

The report pointed out that “access to clean water is vital, especially for breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women, who must consume larger amounts of water and calories each day than others.

“Ten thousand women have been killed so far, including about six thousand mothers,” said Susan Michael, the UN Regional Director for Arab countries, during a press conference in Geneva stressing that the war in Gaza is undoubtedly a war against women, the which are paying a heavy price for a war that is not theirs.

UN Women joins the calls for the implementation of Security Council resolution 2728, adopted on 25 March 2024, which calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and the release of all hostages, safe and unhindered access to humanitarian aid.

UN Women works with Palestinian women’s organizations and partners in humanitarian systems and spaces to defend the rights and needs of women and girls and provide urgently needed assistance.

In Gaza, UN Women reached out to nearly 100,000 women and their families, according to the report, providing them with food, blankets, winter clothing, soap, diapers and hygiene kits.

The report concludes by noting:

“Tens of thousands of other items have remained at border crossings for weeks. This is just a fraction of what women and girls need in Gaza of Women (CSW68), “To put women and girls at the center of our collective humanitarian response.”

Source: ERTnews

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