20 minutes – Police arrest Corona-skeptical doctor

At Wettingen, the Aargau Cantonal Police deployed on Saturday evening. The police officers were deployed with a special unit. A 58-year-old Swiss from the Baden district had spread threats against family members and authorities, according to a statement on Sunday. He was admitted to a psychiatric clinic.

As Tele M1 reports, the man is a 58-year-old doctor. He had posted a call for help on social media: “In front of my practice there is a commando from Kapo Aargau, I will be picked up, help!”

«Confusing statements»

Gregor Ziltener knows the doctor and provides the regional broadcaster with information: He is an upright and very committed person. Lately, however, he has found that the 58-year-old has made confusing statements in connection with the corona virus. Among other things, the 58-year-old made a tweet that the corona virus did not even exist. He describes the well-known virologist Christian Drosten from Germany as a clown.

Why the man made the threats is unclear. Criminal proceedings are ongoing. Since there was suspicion that the allegedly mentally unstable man could be armed, the police had taken special security measures around the building. It also temporarily closed off the adjacent street and the nearby train station.



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