2022/7/9 – new music from the Krosswerdz fam, Manafest, Steven Malcolm and Snoop Dogg!

Show notes

K-man plays new music from the Krosswerdz fam, Manafest, noble vessel, Steven Malcolm and Snoop Dogg! Themed back-to-back flashbacks by LMNO and Sareem Poems.


“Here We Come (ft. OTTO BLUE)” by Manafest
“Didn’t Know” by Marksman Lloyd
“Movin To Straya” by Avery Harden
“Back in Business (ft. Blast Mega, EF Cuttin)” by Analog Amazon
“n.o.b.l.e. (ft. DJ OneNine)” by noble vessel
“Free Thought (ft. Kris-Bo)” by Shelly.H
“Return Of The Real Hard Beat” by Beat Rabbi & Deepspace5
“The Gathering (ft. Nil Void, Phenomena, Lex)” by Mistery
“Aerosol Migrants” by LMNO
“Grafitti Art (ft. Soup the Chemist)” by Sareem Poems
“Summertime (ft. Snoop Dogg & Jay-Way)” by Steven Malcolm
“Bad Advice” by Social Club Misfits
“Strangers (ft. Resident, Th3rdkind, Monks, DIE-REK)” by Krosswerdz
“Classic (ft. Jazzy Jeff)” by Shad
“Late Nights” by The Profit
“Fite Nite (w/ Kaboose, RedCloud)” by Braille

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