2023 Fukuoka Swimming World Championships: Results, Updates, and Highlights

2023-07-15 02:00:11

Original title: Fukuoka Swimming World Championships Open

The 2023 Fukuoka World Swimming Championships kicked off on the 14th. On the first day of men’s and women’s diving 1-meter springboard preliminaries and synchronized swimming double technical optional preliminaries, Chinese athletes have successfully advanced.

In the women’s 1-meter springboard preliminaries, Lin Shan and Li Yajie performed steadily, ranking the top two with 291.25 points and 283.35 points respectively and entered the final. In the ensuing men’s 1-meter springboard preliminaries, Peng Jianfeng and Zheng Jiuyuan ranked first with 403.75 points and 371.65 points, and fifth to advance to the final.

In the synchronized swimming double technical optional preliminaries, the defending champion and Chinese twin sisters Wang Liuyi/Wang Qianyi ranked first among the 38 pairs with 280.3334 points. The theme of the two sets of movements is the national style “Lotus”, and the movement arrangement shows the beauty of softness and rigidity. The famous Japanese player and defending champion Ganyou Noriko ranked first in the women’s singles technical optional preliminaries with 273.2700 points.

There will be 5 gold medals on the 15th, from diving mixed doubles 10-meter platform, women’s 1-meter springboard and men’s double 3-meter springboard, as well as women’s 10 kilometers in open water and synchronized swimming women’s singles. Among them, Olympic champion Wang Zongyuan and his new partner Long Daoyi competed in the men’s double 3-meter springboard, Zhang Jiaqi and Wang Feilong competed in the mixed doubles 10-meter platform, and Sun Jiake and Wu Shutong participated in the women’s 10-kilometer competition. The “first brother” of Chinese swimmers Shi Haoyu and Zhang Yiyao participated in the optional preliminaries of synchronized swimming mixed doubles.

The Fukuoka Swimming World Championships will be held from the 14th to the 30th, including six major competitions in diving, synchronized swimming, water polo, high diving, swimming and open water. (Yue Chenxing Zhou Xin Li Jia)

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