“2023 Golf Partner PRO-AM Tournament Final Day: Kunihiro Uei’s Winning Performance”

2023-05-21 11:48:20

In the final 18th, he sunk a birdie putt and clenched his fist

◇Domestic Men ◇Golf Partner PRO-AM Tournament Final Day (21st)◇Toride International GC(Ibaraki) ◇ East Course 6804 yards (par 70) ◇ Cloudy (3400 spectators)

The final number 18, which was tied for 10th place. Kunihiro Uei, who got his second shot into the 1.5m pin, confirmed his position on the leaderboard next to the green. “There was no board (in the middle), so he got nervous when I thought I had to put it in.” The game’s birdie putt was “hit quite hard.” The ball sinks into the cup and makes a small guts pose. 7 birdies and 1 bogey “64” became the best score in 4 days, and at the time of hole out, it emerged as “6th place tie” with a total of 17 under par.

The last day is the best “64” in 4 days

Since last autumn, he has been absent from the tour due to tendonitis in his left thumb, and this tournament is the last of the four races he has qualified for under the special guarantee system. In order to maintain the seed after the next round, it was necessary to enter “7th place tie with up to 2 people” and win the prize money of 1,867,416 yen or more. Last year’s QT did not participate, saying, “I couldn’t play golf, so there’s no point in taking it.” In other words, they entered the tournament with a “backwater” where they could not participate in the lower ABEMA tour unless they achieved the quota.

“I was lucky today. The final day starts at 8:30 am. Finished playing 9 groups ahead of the final group and left the course before the final ranking was decided. However, the following group increased their score, and the final ranking was “4 people tied for 7th place”. Seed maintenance did not reach 98,916 yen.

However, by entering the top 10, the next week “Mizuno Open” (May 25 ~ / Okayama /JFE Setonaikai GC) got the right to participate. Also, this year’s QT can participate from the final stage by not exercising the right to participate in 2022. To return to seed, the battle of 40 years continues. (Tsukubamirai City, Ibaraki Prefecture / Koshiro Uchiyama)

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