A strike and sit-in by the “Pharmacies Owners Committee” on this day

The Pharmacy Owners Committee announced, in a statement, in coordination with the Syndicate of Pharmacists Joe Salloum, that “as usual, and with every rise in the dollar exchange rate, drug importers stop delivering pharmacies their daily needs in light of the Ministry of Health’s refusal to issue a new price index that mimics the reality of the market.”

She added, “This matter naturally leads to the depletion of pharmacies’ stocks of medicines and threatens the health security of citizens as a result of the interruption of a significant number of necessary medicines, especially medicines for chronic and emergency diseases.”

In the statement, the committee emphasized, “All that concerns us is the continuation of providing our pharmacies with medicines so that we can perform our duty towards patients, as most importers have stopped delivering medicines to pharmacies more than 5 days ago, and throughout this time pharmacists continued to deliver their medicines to patients as usual, but this matter It cannot continue after importers announced that they would not resume delivery of medicines until a new price index was issued by the Ministry of Health.”

The committee called on pharmacists to “close pharmacies on Tuesday 05/24/2022 until two o’clock in the afternoon and sit in front of the Ministry of Health at nine thirty in the morning to demand an end to the indiscriminate smuggling of medicines without any oversight from the Ministry of Health, which may include counterfeit, expired or ineffective medicines. As a result of their poor storage and transportation, which poses a great danger to the health of citizens, knowing that most of the smuggled medicines have alternatives manufactured locally and of high quality and under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.

The committee also called on the Minister of Public Health “to set up a weekly index for the drug to ensure that it will continue to be distributed to pharmacies without interruption, so that the loss of medicines will not be repeated at every exchange rate change.”

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