No, Phil Jackson will not choose the next coach of the Lakers

Contrary to what the rumors suggested, Phil Jackson will not play a significant role in choosing the next Los Angeles Lakers coach. While he should have a say in the decision, it will ultimately remain internal.

Admittedly, the former coach of Michael Jordan to the Bulls and Kobe Bryant at the Lakers is a legend. His 11 rings are there to attest to this. But his influence within the Los Angeles franchise is often misunderstood.

For good reason, his vision today seems outdated for the modern NBA. His adventure at the head of the New York Knicks showed us that. That’s why this news is a relief for Lakers fans, who won’t have to rely on Phil Jackson to choose their next coach.

So far, the candidates have met a committee made up of four members of the front office and led by the GM Rob Pelinka. This group would have the full confidence of the owner Jeanie Buss, after The Athleticand will be responsible for deciding once the recruitment process is complete.

The final choice will be between Darvin Ham, Kenny Atkinson et Terry Stotts. It is the first, assistant of the Bucks, who would leave favorite. Either way, Lakers fans can sleep soundly. The choice of their future coach is in good hands. At least, it is in any case not between those of the ex-fiancé of the owner.

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