2023 Legislative Work Plan of the Ministry of Civil Affairs: Promoting Common Prosperity and Improving Social Governance

2023-07-05 00:12:27

The General Office of the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued the “2023 Legislative Work Plan of the Ministry of Civil Affairs”

2023-07-05 08:12:27 Source: Rule of Law Daily – Rule of Law Network


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According to our reporter Pu Xiaolei, the General Office of the Ministry of Civil Affairs recently issued the “Ministry of Civil Affairs’ 2023 Legislative Work Plan”, calling for active promotion of the legislative amendment process of laws and regulations such as the Social Assistance Law.

The legislative work plan emphasizes that efforts should be made to improve the system of civil affairs laws and regulations, and the legislative work plan of the Ministry of Civil Affairs will be formulated and introduced within this year. Persist in highlighting key points, prioritizing urgent needs, and scientifically and rationally arrange legislative projects. Prioritize the implementation of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee and the State Council’s legislative planning and planning projects, do a good job of linking up with the annual civil affairs key tasks, and better serve and guarantee the party and the country’s major decision-making arrangements.

The legislative work plan is clear, focusing on improving people’s livelihood and well-being and promoting common prosperity, improving the protection system and caring service system for the rights and interests of special groups such as the poor, the elderly, children, vagrants and beggars, and the disabled, and improving the basic laws and regulations to promote common prosperity. Actively promote the legislative process of the Social Assistance Law; speed up the research and formulation of the Law on the Elderly Care Service and the Child Welfare Law, revise the Interim Measures for Social Assistance, the Measures for the Registration of Children Adopted by Chinese Citizens, and the Measures for the Administration of Relief for Vagrants and Beggars who have no means of living in cities. Revise regulations on the jurisdiction of overseas Chinese and Chinese citizens residing in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan for adoption registration and the required certificates and supporting materials; study and formulate management measures for mental health and welfare institutions.

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At the same time, focus on improving the efficiency of social governance, improve the social governance system of co-construction, governance and sharing, improve the registration management of social organizations, the diversified resolution of conflicts and disputes and other aspects of laws and regulations, and improve the level of legalization of social governance. Promote the formulation of social organization registration management regulations. Grasp the study and revision of the work methods of civil affairs complaints, and formulate the management methods of the names of social organizations and the annual inspection methods of social organizations.

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