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2024-04-16 11:41:29

[Sports Macau Live]”2024 Macau ITTF Men’s and Women’s World Cup – Presented by Galaxy Entertainment Group” will be held at the Galaxy Arena tonight (16th) for the next day. Huang Zhenting, who had a bye on the first day, will make his debut in the group stage. , lost to Germany’s Duda Benedikt 1:3, and will beat China’s famous player Fan Zhendong at 8 o’clock tomorrow night (17th). He must win 4:0 to win the only qualifying spot.

Huang Zhenting (front), Du Kaiqin (Photo: WTT)Huang Zhenting (front), Du Kaiqin (Photo: WTT)

Huang Zhenting (front), Du Kaiqin (Photo: WTT)

Huang Zhenting and Du Kaiqin went to the Czech Republic to compete in the World Table Tennis Mixed Doubles Olympic Qualifying Tournament last Thursday (11th). They won three consecutive games in the first stage and won the second group knockout championship, successfully qualifying for the Olympics. Before the two could celebrate after the game, they had to leave for Macau to participate in the ITTF Men’s and Women’s World Cups, in order to continue to compete for points and improve their singles Olympic rankings. He made his debut tonight and met Germany’s Duda. The latter lost 0:4 to Fan Zhendong on the first day of the game and had to win to get a glimmer of hope. Huang Zhenting, who just returned from Europe, seems to have not regained his strength. He lost 7:11, 7:11, 11:9, 8:11. Tomorrow night at 8 o’clock in the Shake battle, he will beat the Chinese star Fan Zhendong. The chance of qualifying is very slim. .

As the Hong Kong men’s team missed the top 16 of the World Table Tennis Team Championship held in Busan in February, it was hard for the Hong Kong men’s team to qualify. It was not until last week that “Artin” won the mixed doubles qualifying tournament and caught up with the Olympic train to Paris. Asked if he would be relieved because of this, “Arting” laughed and said, “It has a positive impact! But I won’t relax because there are always competitions.”

(Picture: ITTF)(Picture: ITTF)

(Picture: ITTF)

He said that he was able to achieve his goal in the Czech Republic this time because he and his partner “Adu” were willing to open up and communicate sincerely after experiencing failures: “The state of “Adu” and I was a bit up and down before, and we also lost in Croatia. The Singaporean team was very uncomfortable at the time because they were beaten and they didn’t quite find their rhythm, form, and confidence. This time, we had a psychologist with the team, so everyone communicated more.” “Adu” believes there is another reason: “Maybe it is precisely because we have placed our position so low that by that time, we were basically able to hold on even if we fell behind in every game.”

The two have been working together for many years, and they are still able to produce new chemical reactions. It turns out that it is related to the birth of “A Ting’s” daughter Kai Ying last year. “Adu” means that his good partner used to be quiet and straightforward, but after becoming a father, he changed 180 degrees and became a “warm man”. “He has gained a lot of personal warmth!” After hearing this, “Ating” responded with four words: “Life forces me!” He added: “I have always communicated with ‘Adu’. Maybe I am a little more introverted, and sometimes I am nervous during competitions. Maybe she has also put down some baggage, because I am older than her, and there are some things “I’m embarrassed to say it. She often wants me to take the initiative to talk more, but during this journey to compete for the Olympics, I feel that she takes the initiative to communicate with me more. This change must be a good direction.” “Adu” She added: “I have a very good relationship with his wife, and we often have gatherings, which can actually improve things.” She also joked that she would like to be Kai Ying’s “homo” if given the chance.

“Huang Dupei” competed hard to the quarterfinals in the last Tokyo Olympics and was only one step away from winning a medal. “Artin” admitted that he will have high hopes for Paris this time: “That’s for sure. We are all full of hope.” Hope, but everyone knows that it is becoming more and more difficult to play. This is the second time that there will be mixed doubles in this Olympics. Other teams have become “good” to compete in this card, and their overall strength has also improved a lot. We have improved a lot. If you really want to get on the podium, you must improve your understanding, personal skills, and psychology.”

Ating and his beloved daughter Kaiying.  (Picture: Body Road Database)Ating and his beloved daughter Kaiying.  (Picture: Body Road Database)

Ating and his beloved daughter Kaiying. (Picture: Body Road Database)

Du Kaiqin had already won a bronze medal in the women’s team last year. She admitted that she did not dare to expect to win a medal in Paris this time. She also believed that there were many strong opponents and did not think about “blocking the car with a mantis’ arm”. Therefore, while doing her best, she wanted to hold on to the medal. Go into battle with the mentality of enjoying the game. “Because I am no longer young. I am not the young player I was in Rio at that time. At this age, I hope I can enjoy this stage more.”

“Ating” laughed and said: “I find it difficult to enjoy it because there seems to be no air conditioning in the Olympic Athletes Village! (I heard that the team leader is looking for sponsors to bring air conditioners) Yes! I just saw “Ti Lu” and he said this , I hope I can find it!” He added: “Actually, it’s just a joke. When I go to any competition now, I hope to be as relaxed as possible, and try to control my emotions, skills, and body. Okay, I hope to do better, because I have found before that working hard in this area has a positive impact on my on-the-spot game state.”

Now that he has finally obtained the coveted ticket to the Paris Olympics, “Ating” is still bitter about the defeat in the World Table Tennis Team Championships. He admitted that even if he qualified for the Mixed Doubles Olympics, it would not be able to make up for the loss of the men’s team. After passing this mixed doubles test, “Ating” will have to work hard for singles. He is full of confidence in himself. “Now I don’t know if the singles qualifying tournament will be held. If I successfully maintain my current ranking (men’s singles Olympic ranking) 27th), I believe it will not be difficult to qualify for the Olympics.”

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