Benefits of Walking for Health: Improve Your Well-being with Regular Exercise

2024-04-16 03:40:00

Walking is a great way to improve your health

Since childhood, we have been told: movement is life. And indeed it is. Doctor Alexander Myasnikov, on the air of the “About the Most Important” program, told us what diseases regular walking can protect against.

It turned out that walking reduces the risks of obesity and exacerbation of chronic diseases, helps fight stress and improves sleep quality – there are many advantages. Such physical activity is especially useful for the cardiovascular system. Walking improves blood circulation and trains the heart.

“Walking helps lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease and stroke,” he said.

Low-impact walking is a good way to maintain healthy bones and joints.

However, before starting classes, it is better to consult a doctor. It will help determine the optimal level of intensity and volume of exercise.

Earlier, Myasnikov told how male strength and posture are connected.

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