26thiffk 6th day live

Today, the sixth day of the International Film Festival, 69 films will be screened, including 25 films from around the world. The Albanian film Hive, which tells the story of a young woman’s struggle once morest patriarchy, features Mali’s love story Mali Twist, A Hero, France, Bellard of White Cow, and 107 Mothers today (26 thiffk 6th day live).

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Wednesday will also see the final screening of 50 films, including Aparna Sen’s film The Rapist, which deals with the life of a sexually abused teacher. Ines Maria Barionuevo’s Spanish film Camellia Comes Out Tonight, Antonetta Kuzinovich’s Croatian film Murina, Natalie Alvarez Mason’s Clara Zola, Russian film Captain Volkonogov’s escape, and Vinod Raj’s finalist competition are all in competition.

Malayalam films like Banerghatta, Nayat, Avanavilona, ​​Woman with a Movie Camera and Sunny will also be screened today.

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