29 Vintage Items Worth a Small Fortune

If you are a fan of video games, you have not only known the PS4 and the Xbox One. You have surely been the proud owner of a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) or the Sega console. Well, a copy of the first version of Super Mario Bros on the NES console dating back to 1985 sold for over US$100,000 this year.

The NES, the second home console to be dedicated to video games, is a piece that has revolutionized the way we play. Even if its technical value does not exceed $40, the NES can be sold today for more than $1500.

Do you still own an Atari VCS? Don’t throw it away! The Atari 2600, originally called Atari VCS, is a second generation video game console produced by Atari between 1977 and 1992. This electronic object could help you raise a small amount of money. In fact, the game Air Raid was sold for $30,000 a few years ago. Note that the game Space Invaders is also highly sought after.

Mario Kart is a classic Nintendo 64 game that is now worth nearly $100. If your game is still in its original box and still sealed, you could fetch up to $300, nothing less.

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