“4 Essential Steps to Deal with a Sudden Nosebleed: Tips from Doctors”

2023-05-29 09:43:54

What should I do if I have a sudden nosebleed?Doctors are invited to demonstrate how to deal with nosebleeds, as long as there are 4 necessary steps, the bleeding can be stopped smoothly. Doctors also reminded that when nosebleeds stop bleeding, it is best not to stuff toilet paper into the nostrils, otherwise it may not be able to stop the bleeding successfully, and it will lead to more bleeding. And if you often have nosebleeds, you should find out the cause of your nosebleeds, improve your living habits or treat diseases, and the symptoms of nosebleeds will not come back.

What should I do if I have a nosebleed? Can’t stuff toilet paper? 4 Steps to Stop Bleeding Understand the Causes of Nosebleeds (Photo/Getty Images)

Nosebleed Causes

Said that there are many kinds of nosebleeds, some of which are nasal allergies, which lead to frequent nostril picking, blowing nose, coughing too hard, etc., causing repeated nose bleeding. Some are nosebleeds caused by trauma to the nose, or nosebleeds caused by diseases, such as leukemia, hemophilia, liver insufficiency, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, and so on.

Nosebleed treatment step 1: bow your head

Doctors suggest that when you find a nosebleed, the first action is to lower your head first, so that the nosebleed will flow down naturally. If the nosebleed is stopped by tilting the head up, the blood will pour back from the nasal cavity. When the bleeding speed is fast and the volume is large, it is easy to choke the respiratory tract, which increases the risk instead.

Nosebleed Treatment Step 2: Apply Ice

See if there are any colder and cooler items at hand, such as aluminum foil bags, iron cans and other refrigerated beverages, which can be used for emergency use, but ice packs are still the most suitable. When applying ice to a nosebleed, it is most effective to apply it between the eyes. If the ice is placed too high, the effect will be reduced.

Nosebleed Treatment Step 3: Compression

In the treatment of nosebleeds, the most important step is to stop the bleeding by compression. There are many capillary vessels in the nasal cavity. When stopping the bleeding, pinch the soft part of the nose, and then lift it up slightly to block the back nostrils. Don’t pinch too high, if you pinch the sides of the bridge of the nose, it will not be able to effectively help stop the bleeding.

Nosebleed Step 4: Wait

After pinching the nose, wait for more than 10 minutes, and avoid letting go frequently to check the bleeding during the period, otherwise the blood clot is not easy to coagulate, and the bleeding cannot be effectively stopped. More than 90% of nosebleed patients can effectively stop the bleeding as long as they are pressed for 10 minutes. If they are still bleeding after 10 minutes of pinching, they should press again and wait for the blood flow to stop

Nosebleed treatment can be stuffed with toilet paper?

In order to stop nosebleeds, most people often rotate and knead the toilet paper, then stuff it into the nostrils to stop the bleeding, and even keep turning the toilet paper to make the toilet paper go deeper into the nostrils. The doctor reminded that toilet paper is an item with very thick fibers. If the toilet paper is rotated and stuffed into the nostrils, it will cause greater damage to the nasal mucosa, and it will bleed more easily.

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