4 games without victory, the British swallow Hungary 4 eggs

4 games without victory, the British swallow Hungary 4 eggs

【Now Sports】Accident! On Tuesday, the results of the two matches of Group A3 of the UEFA Nations League were also unexpected. England lost 0:4 to Hungary at home, and Germany beat Italy 5:2 at home. England are currently electing to send Biningham, Gan Nagaraga, Chalo Baoyun, Saka and Hallijani, but in the 16th minute of the game, they were left unattended by Roland Sallai because they failed to clear the siege. Opening the record, Hungary led 1:0. In 34 minutes, Saka made a cross from the left, Hungary almost made an own goal, but the goalkeeper responded quickly enough to save.

After changing sides, Hungary took another win in 70 minutes, and it was also Shalar who scored the goal. The British army was weak in attack and weak in breaking eggs. Stones led the red in the final stage, conceded two more goals, and lost 0:4.

In another game in the same group, 10 minutes into the start of the game in Germany, Gammage responded with a cross from the left, and then shot in to break the gap. In stoppage time in the first half, Germany got 12 yards, and Gen Dujian made a hit, leading 2:0 at halftime. In the second half, Italy was defeated, Tim Yunna scored twice, and Thomas Mayor made contributions, Germany unexpectedly won 5:2.

Hungary took the lead with 7 points after the game, Germany moved up to the last seat with 6 points after winning the first victory, Italy had 5 points, and the British army had no victory, and continued to wrap up with 2 points.

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