“40 million won” Chinese bride ‘outrage’ who endured in car on wedding day

(Shenyang = Yonhap News) Correspondent Park Jong-guk = A Chinese bride who did not get out of the car demanding a dowry of 40 million won on the wedding day was outraged by netizens.

Groom’s father borrowing money by mobile phone

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On the 15th, Chinese social media Weibo (微博) uploaded a picture of the bride arriving at the wedding venue in Kaifeng, Henan Province, on the 12th, and arguing with the groom without getting out of the car.

The netizen who uploaded the photo said, “The bride asked for 148,000 yuan (about 28 million won) to get into the car on the way to the wedding venue, and asked for an additional 66,000 yuan (about 12 million won) when getting off. “he explained.

While the guests were watching, the bride did not get out of the car, regardless of the groom’s family, who was embarrassed by the sudden situation.

Only after the groom’s father contacted the groom’s cell phone here and there to match the money requested by the bride, was he able to get the bride out of the car.

The groom’s father, whose heart became complicated, eventually shed tears in front of the guests.

The groom has already prepared a house for the newlyweds and a private car, and according to the bride’s request, he sent 260,000 yuan (about 49 million won) of ‘chai-ri’ and gifts such as gold accessories. it was behind

The dowry and gifts sent by the groom to the bride’s family for the wedding amounted to a total of 500,000 yuan (about 94 million won).

Netizens criticized her as the ‘worst bride’, saying, “The unreasonable request for a dowry should also be criticized, but he shamed his father-in-law in front of many guests and made him cry on the day he should be most happy.”

There were also voices of concern about whether the bride who had a wedding like this could have a happy family and get along well with her in-laws.

Although chai li is a long-standing custom in China, there are many cases of breakup due to excessive demands from the bride’s side.

Some local governments have set an upper limit on the difference in order to get rid of bad habits, but it is not effective because it is privatized.

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