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On January 12th, 470 million views on PowerCam, 4 constellations and 4 zodiac signs will leave the job after the Chinese New Year! (Schematic / Photo by Wang Yongtai)

Can you win the big prize if you are lucky and combined with what the fortune teller said?“Qingshuimeng International Tarot Teacher Xiaomeng”On the evening of the 10th, a post on Facebook pointed out that on January 12th, Welicai had 470 million views, and the 4 constellations and 4 zodiac signs will leave the job after the Chinese New Year! At the same time, he also analyzed the precautions before and after buying lottery tickets for each constellation, as well as the position of the God of Wealth and the moment of good luck on that day.

Top4 Aquarius

Teacher Xiaomeng pointed out that Venus falls into Aquarius, which shows that Aquarius has a chance of sudden wealth. On Thursday (12th), the wealth will be overwhelming. It is recommended to wear purple clothes or masks before placing bets before buying Weilicai, because purple The mysterious color can connect to the energy of the universe and keep your wealth flowing.

Top3 Taurus

Teacher Xiao Meng analyzed that the Taurus fortune star is approaching, and the God of Wealth will come to sit at home. The wealth will be full, and the fortune will increase greatly. Black is your lucky color on Thursday (12th). It is recommended to eat black food or black food before placing bets. Drinks, such as: rice blood cake, black coffee, green herbal tea, etc., can bring a lot of wealth.

Top2 Libra

Teacher Xiaomeng said that the God of God is stationed in Libra’s life palace, which shows that on Thursday (12th) Libra’s wealth fortune will be prosperous, and partial wealth fortune will make a big profit. It is recommended to bring a red envelope with 568 yuan in it before placing a bet. , so that the God of Wealth can hear your begging and give you wealth.

Top1 Aries

The fortune star slides into the natal house. On Thursday (12th) the fortune of Aries will rise, and the fortune will pour in. It is recommended to place the lottery at a 45-degree angle of the door after placing bets, which represents wealth, whether it is in the office or at home. A 45-degree angle has wealth, and if you are lucky, you will be able to win a big prize.

Then, Teacher Xiaomeng also listed 4 kinds of lucky zodiac signs:pig cow mouse tigerand the position of the God of Wealth on that day isEastgood luck falls on the 12th11:00 to 13:00 am, and 15:00 pm to 19:00 pm

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