5 Games That Are Fun to Play on Your Own

Playing games with others is always a good way to have some fun and interact socially, but everyone needs that all-important alone time as well. Although many people might choose to spend their quiet time binge-watching shows on Netflix, playing some games solo can also be the ideal pastime and keep your mind occupied.

If you enjoy playing games but like to play alone just as much as you do with others, here are five games to try if you haven’t already.

1.   Solitaire

This is a classic card game that you can play traditionally with a deck of cards. Alternatively, you can opt to use a digital version online if you would prefer. This is a particularly great game if you are looking for a way to relax and take your mind off of something that might be bothering you, as it does require a lot of concentration and patience.

The game aims to get your cards in the correct suite in the right sequence – ace through to king. You can find out more about the rules and setup of solitaire here.

2.   Number & Word Puzzles

Other options for when you want to focus your mind on the task at hand and exercise your brain are number and word puzzles, such as Sudoku or crosswords. There are many types of games that fall under this category, so finding one or two that you enjoy shouldn’t be too difficult.

If you don’t want to stare at a screen for too long each day, you can buy puzzle books with pages upon pages of these games, or you can even find them in your local newspapers.

3.    Online Games

There are plenty of fun online games you can play alone on your phone or your computer, such as Candy Crush, AFK Arena, Lily’s Garden, etc. If you enjoy gaming, you can always switch on your console and play some of your favorite video games when you want some time alone. If you like to gamble, you could even look at the best online casino sites and games – just remember to play responsibly!

4.   Physical Games

If you would like to combine your gameplay with exercise, then perhaps some sporting games to get your heart pumping would be better suited to you. You could always practice your serve at the tennis court, enjoy a round of golf, or even shoot hoops at your local basketball court or in your garden if you have a net set up.

Cycling and swimming are other options, and you can challenge yourself to hit new records for distance each time you go out.

5.   Board Games

When you think of board games, you might envision a group of people sitting around a table competing with one another – but there are some games of this kind that you can play alone as well. This can be a great way to pass the time and help challenge your mind, and even hone your skills so you can be the champion when you do choose to play with others.

If you enjoy games and want to spend some quality time with yourself, consider the suggestions above for some easy entertainment to help you relax and have some fun.

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