5 healthy habits that, if overdone, will age you prematurely

The desire to improve health and become more attractive can lead to the fact that a person becomes an ardent healthy lifestyle – his desire to live correctly will be ahead of common sense. Someone begins to count calories every day and get very worried if they allow themselves to eat extra candy. Others go to the gym every day, exhausting their body in hour-long workouts.

In fact, severe restrictions will only ruin your health, doctors say. Usually the desire to do “everything is right and perfect” starts with habits that are considered beneficial.

We tell you what five habits can not strengthen, but destroy your health, if you overdo it.

Run a lot and often

Let’s make a reservation right away: running is a useful form of activity, it helps to improve the health of the cardiovascular system, strengthens muscles, fights excess weight. You just have to run slowly and not every day. (unless you are a professional athlete, of course).

Also, many do not take into account that running on level ground in special shoes and clothes for active activities. If you do not follow these rules, instead of benefiting a person can get:

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