5 Xiaomi cell phones to play Genshin Impact

2023-11-18 13:20:00

Playing Genshin Impact on a cell phone can be an option or a necessity. Sometimes a smartphone is the only choice you have to play HoYoverse’s open-world RPG, but as the game currently supports cross-save, it is possible to use different devices to advance in the game using the same “save”. With this, the phone can become a “portable console” for when it is not possible to access a PC or your PlayStation.

Five Xiaomi cell phones to play Genshin Impact

The five best Xiaomi phones to play Genshin Impact. Source: Oficina da Net

1 – POCO F5 – 56FPS – 99% stability (HIGH)

The Poco F5 is the Xiaomi phone with the best performance for playing Genshin Impact on our list. In our “Roda Smooth” tests, it achieved 99% stability at 56 FPS (frames per second) with graphics set to “high”. If you want a cell phone between R$2000 and R$2500, it is the best option from Xiaomi!

2 – POCO F4 – 39FPS – 81% stability (HIGH)

If you don’t have the money to buy the POCO F5 due to the current difference of R$600 between cell phones, the Xiaomi Poco F4 could be an excellent option. In the “Roda Smooth” tests, the smartphone achieved 81% stability at 39 FPS with the graphics set to “high”. If you don’t want to spend more than R$2000, this device is without a doubt the brand’s best choice.

3 – POCO X5 – 35FPS – 92% stability (medium)

Below R$1500, Xiaomi’s POCO X5 can be an excellent option for playing Genshin Impact. Although it does not achieve good performance with the game’s graphics set to “high”, in the “medium” graphics setting this cell phone achieved 92% stability at 35 FPS.

4 – POCO X5 Pro – 34FPS – 98% stability (medium)

The POCO X5 Pro costs between R$1500 and R$2000, close to the POCO F4. So think carefully before buying it and analyze the values ​​of these two cell phones. In our tests it achieved 98% stability at 34 FPS with graphics on medium when playing Genshin Impact.

5 – Redmi Note 12S – 43FPS – 96% stability (low)

The Redmi Note 12S costs between R$1000 and R$1500, similar to the POCO X5 (not to be confused with the PRO version). In other words, if you think the POCO X5 is at a good price, it may be more worth it than the Redmi Note 12S. In the “Smooth Wheel” the Redmi Note 12S achieved 96% stability at 43 FPS with graphics on low.

Sobre Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is currently in version 4.2, where the main story revolves around the region of Fontaine, ruled by the hydro archon Furina. This update debuted on November 8th and runs until December 20th, the date on which Genshin Impact 4.3 will be released. Some playable characters have already been confirmed for next month’s update and others have been leaked, as we reported in our update 4.3 banner calendar.

What did you think of our list of Xiaomi phones to play Genshin Impact? Although this manufacturer has not had the best results specifically for this game, if you are a fan of the brand, perhaps one of these models will attract your attention.

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