6 reasons to get the new HUAWEI nova Y61 during the sales season

The HUAWEI nova Y series has impressed many with its design philosophy, powerful performance, and smooth user experience. As a smartphone series designed with the younger generation in mind, the HUAWEI nova Y series evolves according to the needs of younger users.

The latest phone in the series, the HUAWEI nova Y61, inherits the well-known core design of the series and incorporates a 50MP AI Triple Camera that produces great photos. With practical features such as fast charging and a large battery coupled with an impressive design, the HUAWEI nova Y61 is an excellent choice for an entry-level smartphone.

The elegant design of the HUAWEI nova Y61 is flaunted by a Star Effect finishing process. The back panel glows when held under the light, reminiscent of a bright galaxy. Moreover, the thin and simple edges give the phone a modern touch. Proportional surfaces on both sides of the center frame make the overall body slim enough for a comfortable, easy grip and allow it to remain fingerprint-free. At the back, there are three camera lenses neatly arranged in a triangular shape, which create visual balance.

There is a 50-megapixel triple camera, which is another distinguishing feature of the phone. The 50MP main camera allows you to capture high-resolution photos with clear details and good brightness. The 2MP Depth Camera works in conjunction with the 50MP Main Camera to produce well-lit photographs that highlight the subject and its features in crisp detail. Finally, the third macro camera allows users to capture objects as close as 4cm from the lens for close-up shots with an incredible level of detail.

The HUAWEI nova Y61 supports the Super Night Shot feature, which allows users to capture beautiful night scenes without the need for a tripod. Moreover, there is the AI ​​Motion Capture function, which intelligently detects movement through Huawei’s scene detection algorithm. Shooting and aiming camera shutter adaptively sets shutter speed to automatically capture the moment in motion.

The rear camera comes with a Slow Motion feature, which will be ideal for those who want to immerse themselves in the details of a single moment, observing the changing microexpressions and small movements of a pet, toddler, or dancer. The camera is also equipped with Master AI, which can intelligently identify specific objects and scenes, improve color and brightness, and take better photos in all kinds of scenes.

Users of the HUAWEI nova Y61 phone do not have to worry much about the battery life of the phone because it comes with the 22.5W HUAWEI SuperCharge technology that can charge the phone from 0 to 47% in 30 minutes. The phone also has a smart battery capacity assistant. With the built-in detection algorithm, the phone can intelligently detect the battery capacity, determine the battery status, and send battery capacity reminders to users. In terms of battery and charging safety, there are 20 layers of charging protection, fast charging protection, and USB port overheating protection.

The HUAWEI nova Y61 is powered by a 5000mAh battery, which supports 9.5 hours of gaming, 25 hours of phone calls, 13.5 hours of web browsing, and 13.3 hours of video streaming. This is good news for those who need a phone that gives them a seamless user experience for many lifestyle, work and entertainment needs. In addition, users need not fear getting bored while commuting long distances after work, even if the phone is not fully charged. Users can enjoy games and movies on the go and let the battery power make their journey home a comfortable one.

The HUAWEI nova Y61 comes with a 6.52-inch screen with a resolution of 1600 x 720 pixels with built-in HD+ technology. In addition to the HD viewing experience, users can also experience the phone’s screen with brand new features such as 8X Ultra High Resolution, Touch Control and Smart Dimming.

The HUAWEI nova Y61 supports Super Device features, which allow users to seamlessly connect with just one press of a button, and is compatible with other products such as the HUAWEI FreeBuds 3/4/5i. Users can also activate Simple Mode to get bigger fonts, bigger icons, and higher volume—three features that allow for greater accessibility.

This feature will help older users who are trying to keep up with modern technology and want a user experience that is streamlined and easy to use. Switching on service widgets can also help consumers set up many different widgets and pages according to different lifestyles and needs, making the smartphone experience more user-friendly.

The HUAWEI nova Y61 brings features to entry-level phones that were exclusive to flagship phones, which of course is great. The phone comes with a premium design, a 50-megapixel triple camera supported by artificial intelligence, fast charging, a large battery, and a great screen at an attractive price. Users also get a host of smart features, thanks to Seamless AI Life.

It is noteworthy that the HUAWEI nova Y61 is available in Midnight Black, Sapphire Blue, and Mint Green colors in Bahrain with a starting price of 51.9 dinars from Huawei online platforms in addition to City Center Bahrain.

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