6 Simple Tips.. How to Protect Yourself from Monkey Pox

Amid the rising number of HIV infections monkey pox The new, which sparked panic in the United States of America, Europe, Australia and the Middle East, mobilized doctors to find out the reasons.

After the World Health Organization confirmed that anyone in close contact with an infectious person is at risk, health doctors agreed with this statement.

They also stress that the risks to the general public are low, but that there are many precautions that can be taken to reduce the risk of infection.

Some necessary recommendations

The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also issued some helpful recommendations, in which the British National Health Service and the World Health Organization agreed, according to what was published by CNBC.

Among those recommendations, avoid contact with people who have recently been diagnosed with the disease or people who may be infected, as well as wearing a mask in case of close contact with a person who has symptoms.

Also, avoid contact with animals that can carry the virus, including sick or dead, especially those with a history of infection, such as monkeys, rodents and prairie dogs, while sterilizing hands well.

Surfaces again?!

It is also important to use personal protective equipment when caring for patients with confirmed or suspected infections, and to eat only well-cooked meat.

The new information indicated that monkeypox may be transmitted from surfaces and materials, so contact with materials that have come into contact with a sick human or animal should be avoided.

According to doctors, the virus can live on things such as blankets and others, so it is necessary to wash clothes and sheets regularly at high temperatures.

insulation first

In the event of infection, the recommendations stressed the need to isolate the person and ask the doctor until the virus passes, and the disease is usually mild and most people recover within two weeks to a month.

It is noteworthy that the World Health Organization, in a reassuring statement, reiterated that there is no need for mass vaccination campaigns against monkeypox, announcing that the number of infections has reached about 200 in 20 countries around the world.

Today, Friday, a senior official in the United Nations organization stressed that the priority should be to contain monkeypox in countries where the disease is not endemic, saying that this can be achieved through rapid measures.

This type of smallpox appeared about two weeks ago, but the registration of infections in countries outside its place of origin drew the attention of global health.

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