7 exercises to tone your legs from home

Confinement is no excuse for not exercising

  • 29/11/2020
  • 12:07 hrs.

We live in times of much stress and uncertainty, the government’s indication is still that we stay in House and we avoid going out in case it is not necessary to avoid more infections by covid-19, do exercise can help us release stress, according to the portal scarcely These are the 5 best exercises for tone up the legs since House.

You don’t need to go to a gym to be fit and have some legs enviable, since you can do routines con tu body weight O well, use a chair from you House for great results.

7 exercises for tone up the legs since House

1. Pistol Squat con chair

Place the chair behind you, raise a leg forward and lower the hip for sit down. Get up without still and only with one leg.

At no time should you lower the leg that you raised.

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2. Lunges búlgaros

You must place the chair behind you and lean your instep back on the seat, then take a small step forward. Without bending the backcome down a little hip to try to play with the knee the floor and return to the starting position.

(Photo: Outlift)

3. Step up

Place the chair stuck to a wall. Upload a foot in it and immediately raise the other to stand on the bench. Come down with the same pie with which you started the movement.

4. Pelvic curl

Lie on your backOh put your feet up to the chair, with the knees bent. In that position upload the hip as much as you can, to form a squad and return to the starting position.

(Photo: I am life)

5. Dead weight with chair

Lift one leg and hold the chair laterally. your back must be completely straight and the leg stretched, go down to touch the floor with your hands and then come back.

6. Butt kick with chair

Recharge in the endorsement of the chair, with the leaning body forward. Lift one leg back as far as you can and in a controlled motion lower, but do not touch the floor with the tip of your foot.

(Photo: VIX)

7. Squat with stop

It is exercise it is very effective to activate the glutes and the whole lower body, you have to go up and down the hip gently holding a second down without locking the knees.

Remember that the training it is only part of the time to get results and Physical changes, so you should consider improving your diet so that it suits your physical needs and goals.

If you practice these 7 exercises you will often achieve tone up the legs since House, so you know, there are no impediments to not doing physical activities from your House.

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