7 killed in Iranian bombing of northern Iraq.. Baghdad summons Tehran’s ambassador

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry announced in a statement issued by its spokesperson on Wednesday that Baghdad intends to summon the Iranian ambassador to Iraq to express protest against the bombing of several areas in the Kurdistan region in the north of the country.

The statement stated that “the Iranian ambassador in Baghdad will be summoned urgently to hand him a strongly worded protest note as a result of the ongoing bombing operations” that killed seven people and wounded 28 others, according to the Ministry of Health in the Kurdistan Regional Government.

And health reports had announced that the victims of the Iranian bombing of Kurdish areas in northern Iraq, specifically in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, had risen to 7 dead and 28 wounded, while Kurdish sources announced that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard renewed its bombing of northern Iraq with five missiles.

Today, Wednesday, the Rudaw media network reported that an Iranian bombardment took place on Kurdish opposition party headquarters in Erbil, in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

The network quoted the head of the Iranian opposition Kurdistan Freedom Party, Hussein Yazdan Banna, as saying that the party’s headquarters in the Shirawa district of the Erbil governorate were attacked. bombed by Iran. The head of the party indicated that the bombing is still continuing, without clarifying the extent of the damage.

The agency also quoted the director of Seidkan district, Ihsab Chalabi, that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards continued to bomb areas belonging to the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Chalabi told the Kurdish Network that the artillery shelling began last Saturday, targeting villages and hills belonging to Erbil Governorate, the capital of the region.

Chalabi described today’s shelling as “more intense” than the past days, after more shells fell on the territory of the region.

The correspondent of “Al-Arabiya” and “Al-Hadath” stated that Iranian rallies bombed the headquarters of a Kurdish association in Sulaymaniyah, northern Iraq. He added that the artillery of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards renewed the shelling of the town of Sidekan, north of Erbil.

Sources told Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath that two people were killed and 9 wounded in the Iranian artillery and air strikes on Sulaymaniyah.

In turn, the Iranian official news agency said that the Revolutionary Guards launched missile and drone attacks on “terrorists” in the Kurdish region in northern Iraq today, Wednesday.

Subsequently, the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran, which opposes the regime in Iran, announced in a statement on Wednesday that two of its members had been killed in missile strikes and the bombing of marches launched by Iran.

Iraq condemns

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry condemned Iran’s artillery and missile targeting of areas in Iraqi Kurdistan, according to the Iraqi News Agency.
In a statement, the Foreign Ministry described the artillery and missile targets from Iran as “unilateral provocative actions,” noting that they “complicate the security scene and cast a shadow over the region.” The Foreign Ministry statement said that these actions, which led to deaths and injuries, “will only contribute to more tension.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated Iraq’s rejection of any “military logic to confront security challenges,” and stressed that it would “rely on everything to ensure that this does not happen again and in the highest diplomatic positions.” She explained that about twenty Iranian marches targeted the north of the country.

A reckless act with dire consequences.

In turn, the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq demanded an immediate halt to the attacks on the Kurdistan region in the north of the country. On Twitter, the mission described the missile attack on the territory of the Kurdistan region of Iraq as a “reckless act with serious consequences.”

And the Iranian bombardment, renewed on Monday evening, on areas in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, where the Revolutionary Guards used launchers and heavy weapons.

Al-Arabiya/Al-Hadath correspondent added that the Iranian strikes targeted missile launchers at sites in the region.

He also continued that the displacement of civilians started from the areas bombed by the Revolutionary Guards.

Tehran accuses Iran’s armed Kurdish opponents of being involved in the unrest in the country, particularly in the northwest where most of Iran’s 10 million Kurds live.

It is noteworthy that the protests in Iran broke out on September 16 in Iran, the day of the death of Mahsa Amini, three days after her arrest in Tehran on charges of “wearing inappropriate clothes”, and violating the strict dress code for women in Iran.

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