7 Moments of the Queen’s Enchantment, Empress Dowager Love The Legendary Life of Queen Lau (2022) Li Hongyi – La Mu Yang Zi

6. They kissed each other.

It was an event during a field trip. Hong Hauka creates a moment for Bai Yu and His Highness by having a flower sniffing contest win prizes. But creating your own moment will cause your own jealousy. He looked at the picture and was distraught and walked away. The protagonist comes along. Plus ranting to know the heroine’s plan don’t like doing this When the heroine complains that she doesn’t like the weak heroine, she can’t compete with the young villagers. The hero is angry and kisses the heroine. before making excuses that because of the strong liquor, he accidentally did something strange This is called intention.

Consort of love7. His Majesty was punished by the Great Chancellor.

His Majesty was punished by the Supreme Chancellor for cheating on the exam. Phong Phong (in fact, the heroine didn’t cheat on the exam), so he was punished to run around the palace. The heroine saw that her father had been bullying the hero too much. Seeing that the hero can’t run, he is afraid that the hero is humiliated in front of the people. So he uses a dog to chase after the hero in case the hero is afraid of the dog and has a strong grudge. I myself led the dog to run with me. His Highness declared that His Majesty and Hong Hao unite. It will definitely lead the Donghao Province towards a bright future. His Highness understood the announcement. It’s a very funny scene. It’s like watching a 55+ sports event. When the heroine can’t run, the hero has to carry it like this. It’s a really funny and cute scene.

Consort of love There are so many lovely moments of His Majesty and Hong Hao that I haven’t been told. Everyone has to follow each other through Youku and Subthai + Thai dubbing at TrueID Nah, Queen of Love is a really fun series. I’m happy to watch. Everyone, don’t forget to follow me.

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