75-year-old mother gives her son 2.5 billion VND

Right at the first hours of the New Year of the Rabbit, the mother gave her son the lucky money and wished: “Going into the new year, I have a big business, I’m the boss. My mother gave me 55,000 dollars, 600 million Vietnamese dollars, 10 pieces of gold and a red envelope for me to do business. I wish you a successful business, everything goes well.”

Responding to the great gift from his mother, the son also politely said: “Wish you good health, long life for a hundred years. Wishing you and your family a lot of success in the new year, always full of happiness in the house.”

Talking to VietNamNet, Mr. Luong Khac Tam (45 years old, Ho Chi Minh City), the son who received lucky money in the clip said: “Actually, every year on New Year’s Eve, I receive lucky money from my mother. . This year there is a social network, so I posted it to save memories and also to motivate young people, encouraging you to boldly invest in business, not for the purpose of showing off anything. It’s surprising that the clip has attracted so much attention.”

There is also an amount of money in the red envelopes of different denominations that Ba Ba gave her son on the occasion of the new year

Mrs. Ba – Mr. Tam’s mother is 75 years old this year, still manages all the family’s business activities in Ho Chi Minh City and is the one who decides on salary and Tet bonuses for more than 300 employees. “75 years old and is the “last boss” in the family, my mother has only me as a son, so I can get so much lucky money” – Mr. Tam laughed.

The clip was shared on social networks, attracting more than 2.5 million views, hundreds of thousands of emotions, comments and shares on social networking platforms. Many people left comments:

“Getting lucky money from mom is the happiest. Wishing all mothers will always be healthy and live peacefully with their children.”

“Every family has different circumstances, rich or poor mother is also the best mother. Whoever has a father and mother has everything. As long as she has a healthy mother, she is the happiest.”

“Actually, to have an inheritance for your child is a journey of sacrifice and effort. Please look here to try to be able to give your children the same in the future. I wish you good health, give me a blessing.”

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