8 Foods to Lower Blood Pressure: Simple and Effective Tips

2023-09-18 02:05:00

blood pressure It is the contraction of the heart and pushes blood from the heart along the arteries. To carry oxygen to various parts of the body, high blood pressure is a blood pressure level greater than or equal to 140/90 mm.Hg.

high blood pressure It is a risk factor for heart disease. Stroke can cause paralysis, paralysis, and kidney disease.

Changing your lifestyle by eating less alcohol, less salt, less sugar, exercising, and reducing stress will help reduce the risk. Recommended. 8 foods to lower blood pressure Simple food is all around us.

Blood pressure should not exceed 140/90 mmHg. (Cr.Mockup Graphics on Unsplash)

In Thailand, the normal blood pressure value is defined as a systolic blood pressure not exceeding 140 and a diastolic not exceeding 90 mmHg.

However, the blood pressure value is measured only once. Still cannot conclude that it isHigh blood pressure It is necessary to repeat the measurement 2-3 times and check periodically because blood pressure is a number that is easily affected by many factors such as fatigue, stress, anxiety, etc.

Some foods help reduce blood pressure (Cr.image by Freepik)

But if high blood pressure goes on for a long time without treatment High blood pressure affects many systems in the body. causing serious disease

In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says nearly half of the adult population has high blood pressure. Risk of heart disease Stroke Providing knowledge on how to change your lifestyle to reduce risk factors is very important. How much you can do depends on each person.

Bananas are high in potassium (Cr.image by Freepik)

8 foods to lower blood pressure It is food that surrounds us, including

1 banana is high in potassium. The American Food and Drug Administration says that one banana has 375 mg of potassium and 3 grams of fiber. When the body receives potassium, the body will excrete more sodium through the urine. Resulting in a decrease in blood pressure levels.

There are also other vitamins and minerals, including 2 times more fiber than apples.Super Foodof tropical fruits

Butternut squash contains essential minerals and vitamins (Cr.Pixabay)

2 Squash, such as butternut squash (gourd pumpkin), some varieties of zucchini, and pumpkins. At present, the Royal Project can grow butternut squash with good results. It has a golden yellow flesh and flavor. Sweet and nutty, rich in the antioxidant beta-carotene, vitamins A, C, manganese, fiber, iron, calcium and potassium. Helps reduce cholesterol, nourishes the skin, and nourishes eyesight.

Puebloeng (Cr.Pixabay)

3 Spinach: 2 cups of fresh Spinach contains 7% potassium, sufficient for daily needs. If cooked, 1 cup has 18% and contains iron, calcium, and potassium that help regulate heartbeat and blood pressure. Also contains vitamin C, B2 and folic acid.

Avocados contain vitamins and good fats. (Cr.superhealthykids.com)

4 Avocados are rich in minerals and vitamins. 1 avocado has approximately 975 mg of essential minerals. It is a bland fruit but high in good fats. 100 grams of avocado has 15 grams of fat and potassium. 14%, more than bananas’ 10%. Research indicates that When taken in sufficient amounts, potassium can help lower blood pressure. It also helps maintain water balance. acid-alkaline in the body as well

Mussels contain potassium (Cr.Johnny Fogg)

5 different types of sea shellfish, scallops, mussels, oysters, and clams are sources of potassium. and important minerals such as iron, zinc, vitamin B12, and omega-3 fatty acids. which is a good type of fat Should be eaten at least once a week or combined with other foods.

Salmon contains omega-3. Good for heart health (Cr.yummly.com)

6 Salmon contains omega-3, good for the heart and blood vessels. It also contains vitamin B12, vitamin D and iron, helping to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease caused by fatty plaques that build up inside the walls of coronary arteries. Blocks the blood flow And is high in potassium. 100 grams of salmon has 363 mg of potassium and is a source of protein, vitamins B and D, helping to improve the circulatory system in the body. Prevents blockage of blood vessels linked to the blood pressure system

Coconut water has many benefits (Cr.jcomp on Freepik)

7 Coconut water helps control blood pressure levels. In 1 cup of coconut water, there are 600 mg of potassium and various antioxidants. Both vitamins and minerals Reduce the risk of cancer, vascular disease and strengthen collagen. Helps the skin to be flexible.

Pistachios help reduce blood pressure. (Cr.amazon.com)

8 Nuts and seeds such as pistachios, pumpkin seeds, almonds, lentils, hazelnuts, especially pistachios. Research has found that it has properties that help reduce systolic blood pressure. Or the maximum blood pressure when the heart contracts is approximately 1.82 mm. of mercury. and reduces systolic blood pressure by approximately 0.8 mmHg.

Flax seeds have anti-inflammatory properties. (Cr.tahur.pk)

flax seeds (Flax seed) contains alpha-linolenic acid. (Alpha-Linolenic Acid) is an omega-3 fatty acid from plants that has anti-inflammatory properties. and maintain heart rate And may help reduce blood pressure levels. Studies have found that lignans help reduce fat accumulation on the walls of coronary arteries.

(Cr.image by Freepik)

Nuts and seeds come in a wide variety. You should eat in rotation. Because besides having good fats, it also has minerals, protein, and fiber to protect against NCDs.

eatFoods that lower blood pressureAnd don’t forget to take care of your mind, reduce stress, and exercise regularly. If you can do this, your pressure will decrease.

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