A 10-year-old child spends nearly €3,000 on the App Store with her mother’s phone: “That’s when the panic set in”

2023-05-25 17:09:00

It was while glancing at her bank statements that Georgina noticed that her granddaughter, who has autism, had fun with the family iPad while playing Roblox. The 10-year-old had made several small transactions worth 23 euros on behalf of the App Store.

The 44-year-old mum, who lives in Dyserth, a village in Wales, initially thought someone had hacked into the family account. “We had just noticed that hundreds of transactions had been debited from our account. That’s when the panic set in”, Georgina tells the BBC. The little girl, “aware of what she was doing”, then managed to change the password for the parents’ Apple account.

For about a week, Georgina, who is a nurse, was in contact with Apple and its bank, Tesco Bank, trying to get a refund but both refused. “It was a horrible time,” she admits. It will then have been necessary for the BBC radio to seize the case for things to move and for the financial organization to decide to reimburse the sum to the mother of the family, after an in-depth examination.

“We apologize to Ms Munday that this was not arranged for her when she first contacted us, and so we have also arranged an additional payment as a gesture of goodwill”, explains the bank. The BBC contacted Roblox Corporation, the studio behind the game, who told them that a strong refunds policy had been created within the company to avoid such issues in the future.

Georgina advises parents to be more “be vigilant” and know what their children are playing.

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