A 13-year-old Palestinian boy who survived the air attack was buried under aid and martyred – World

A 13-year-old boy from Gaza survived the Israeli bombardment last year, but was later crushed under the aid dropped on Gaza and seriously injured and now he has died.

In November, Zain Arouq was buried under the rubble of an Israeli attack on his home. This grandfather, Ali Auroq, said that he was injured in the head and leg. Despite being seriously injured, he survived. 17 members of his family were martyred in this attack.

Zayn’s wounds were very severe and deep. It was also not easy to treat him because there was destruction everywhere in Gaza. Hospitals were also not safe from Israeli bombardment.

Zain’s difficulties did not diminish even after retirement. His wounds took time to heal. Then it happened that he was seriously injured by being buried under the food dropped by the American planes and after suffering for several days in the struggle of life and death, he passed away on April 14.