Now everyone has to pay tax in Pakistan, no amnesty scheme will come, Finance Minister – Business & Economy

Now everyone has to pay tax in Pakistan, there will be no amnesty scheme, Finance Minister made it clear. Now there will be no amnesty scheme, people will have to pay taxes, we are doing international payments successfully. Talks are going on with Turkey and Europe for the privatization of Islamabad Airport.

The Federal Finance Minister further said that the trust of international institutions has been restored in Pakistan, and it is expected to get trade finance from Emirati banks for a short period of time.

IMF demanded heavy tax collection from retailers, farmers, property dealers

Advance tax levied on bank withdrawals of non-filers

Tax Calculator: New tax rate has left high earners in awe

Muhammad Aurangzeb said that Pakistan is currently not short of international funding, they are trying to reduce the current account deficit, they have succeeded in reducing the current account deficit, the World Bank is ready to support for 10 years for “Digital Pakistan”. Is.