A banana like Konnateng; A banana weighs 3 kg; A video has gone viral on Twitter!

There is hardly anyone who does not sometimes feel that ‘…a banana would have been enough at that time’. This is a banana case that justifies this. Bananas are the biggest bananas we have ever seen. But a video featuring an even bigger banana has now gone viral on Twitter. 300 bananas per season. Each fruit is about three times the length (about 7 inches) and size of a normal banana. The weight of a bunch of banana is about 60 kg. Isn’t that a banana? This is it, Musa Ingens.

Ananth Rupanagudi, a railway bureaucrat in Chennai, shared the rare banana on Twitter. The video is dubbed in Malayalam. This banana is native to Papua New Guinea, an Indonesian island located directly above Australia. A banana weighs about 3 kg. It means that one fruit is enough to satisfy the hunger of everyone in a family. But there is a problem. It takes five years to grow a banana that can reach a height of one konnam. Therefore, this banana is not widely cultivated.

The biggest size of banana is grown in Papua New Guinea islands close to Indonesia. The plantain tree is of the height of a coconut tree and the fruits grow huge. Each banana weighs around 3 kg. pic.twitter.com/33oUfB8ppu

— Ananth Rupanagudi (@Ananth_IRAS)

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After sharing the video, it went viral on Twitter. About one and a half lakh people watched the video. According to Guinness World Records, the world’s largest banana is ‘Musa Ingens’ from New Guinea. The banana trunk can grow up to about 15 meters in height. Banana leaves grow up to 20 meters above the ground. That is, when viewed from below, it will be a feeling of holding a large umbrella above.

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Bunches from a 15 m long (49 ft) Thai tree can weigh up to 60 kg and contain around 300 fruits. Each banana fruit is oval in shape. Each fruit is about 18 cm (7 in) long. Ripe fruit tastes like our banana. This banana is also found in Indonesia and Malaysia.

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