A bug in Windows can leave your OneDrive data exposed

No user would like their data to be exposed on the Internet. At this time, cybersecurity is more than important and all companies have to put their shoulders to the wheel to guarantee the security of each one’s data. But sometimes these systems fail completely as has happened to Microsoft, who have confirmed a bug that leaves your OneDrive data exposed.

A OneDrive bug that leaves your data unencrypted

At some point you will have had to save the data on your computer to do a hard reset of all its features. If you are lucky and have been able to save all the data you need, everything is in order, especially if you use the computer again. But if this is not the case, you should know that Microsoft has reported a bug that you should be aware of.

It turns out that the firm has informed all users that there is an error for which “local files applications that have folders with data such as OneDrive or OneDrive for Business, files that have been downloaded or synced locally from OneDrive may not be deleted when you select the ‘Delete All’ option.

This can be a problem, and it is possible that these files, when recovered, are not encrypted and are exposed to possible data theft on the Internet. The most curious thing is that this only happens with those data that you have synchronized locally, that is, those that you have saved directly in the OneDrive folder that you have on your computer.

If you are a user of the operating system, whether it is Windows 10 or Windows 11, you must be careful from now on, so we recommend that you have a recent backup on hand in case of an error so that you do not lose your data.

Two solutions that might work

This failure of Windows 10 and 11 is under investigation, but the firm has given some guidelines so that users do not have this problem. And the truth is that they are very simple to execute, such as deleting the Windows.old file after restoring the system or, alternatively, closing your OneDrive session before proceeding with the restart.

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