A citizen asks patients not to go for treatment in Germany in the summer

Al-Marsad newspaper: Citizen Mohamed Bennouna documented a video clip, in which he advises patients not to go to Germany for treatment during the summer and extreme heat.

Bennouna said, in a video clip: “I was surprised while I was in Germany, that the room I am in does not have air conditioning, and I asked them, they said, according to the medical system in Germany, the rooms in which patients have no air conditioning.”

He added: “There is no air conditioner so that diseases and germs do not move from one room to another, and this surprised me, so if the temperature is high, it is preferable for the patient not to come to Germany.”

And he continued: “A week ago, the temperature was 40. How is the patient settled? They said, if he asks, we will give him a fan.”

He concluded his speech: “Those who want to come to Germany for treatment do not come if the temperature is high, because the patients’ rooms do not have air conditioning.”

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