A couple accused of deceiving workers with promises of work to kidnap them goes to jail

A guarantee control judge imposed a security measure in the prison against foreign citizens Jesús Alejandro BH and Inés María OC, allegedly responsible for deceiving construction workers to detain them against their will, stealing their belongings and demanding money for his release.

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According to the investigation carried out by a Gaula prosecutor from Medellín, the defendants apparently contacted people dedicated to building or remodeling homes and when they were with the victims in the indicated place, they called an alleged leader of the ‘Clan del Golfo’ or the FARC dissidents, who were supposedly in prison, who told the construction workers that they were kidnapped and that they had to pay 30 million pesos for their release.

These people are linked in three similar events that occurred between September 20 and November 18, 2023.

The events occurred in forested areas of the municipalities of Santo Domingo, Caldas and Entrerríos (Antioquia), where two married couples and two men were summoned to make construction quotes or real estate arrangements.

The kidnappers tied the victims’ hands and forced them to say that they were kidnapped by armed groups in a video that they sent to their relatives to pressure the demanded payment. After not receiving money for their release, they were released two hours later, after stealing their belongings.

The Prosecutor’s Office charged them with the crimes of aggravated extortionate kidnapping and qualified and aggravated robbery. Charges that were not accepted.

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2024-04-24 22:08:59
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