A deadly fungus sows panic at the Pierre-Boucher Hospital

A first outbreak of the Candida auris super-fungus has appeared in Quebec, at the Pierre-Boucher Hospital in Longueuil.

The first patient infected with the fungus is a 65-year-old man hospitalized with pneumonia since early September. Doctors reportedly found the deadly fungus in the man’s armpits.

Another patient whose sex remains unknown and who shared the room with the 60-year-old is also infected with Candida auris. The person died shortly after his infection was confirmed, but his death was not believed to be related to the fungus.

Doctors are concerned about the outbreak since the infected individuals had not traveled outside the country prior to their diagnosis.

The spokesperson for the CISSS de la Montérégie confirms that three patients have been in contact with the infected people.

The fungus that is ravaging the United States would attack people hospitalized with a compromised immune system.

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