Former NFL Player Reflects on Historic First League Game in Germany and the Future of the NFL

2022-11-17 08:00:00

The former NFL player talks about the big stars’ first league game in Germany, reveals lessons from his time in the league – and explains a key moment.

It starts at 3:30 p.m. this Sunday. In the Allianz Arena in Munich. But it’s not Bayern Munich. There are also two completely different goals at the ends of the pitch. Because the stadium is experiencing a premiere. Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Seattle Seahawks. Football grandee Tom Brady in the tranquil Bavarian state capital. The first NFL game ever in Germany will provide several historic moments this Sunday afternoon.

Kasim Edebali is one who will take a very close look. From 2014 to 2019, the man from Hamburg played for several teams in the best and most popular football league in the world – as one of the few Germans. Is there now a football boom in the Federal Republic? NFL hopes are high.

In an interview with t-online, Edebali talks about the future of sport in Germany, about an image problem – and remembers a formative experience from his time in the USA.

Kasim Edebali in September 2022 in the Hamburg Sea Devils jersey. At the end of the month he ended his career. (Those: IMAGO/Roberto Seidel)

t-online: Kasim Edebali, your mother lovingly describes you as a “merciless optimist”…

How does the merciless optimist Kasim Edebali imagine the future of the NFL in Germany – after the first league game in Munich this Sunday?

I would say first of all: It is an important first step. I hope that those responsible for the NFL will be so impressed that they will say: we also need games in Berlin, we also need games in Düsseldorf, we also need games in Frankfurt. And then also camps in Germany, which the NFL is responsible for organizing and which provides a budget for talent promotion. Several generations would benefit from this: the new one, which is only now coming into contact with football. Then the current one, who is already playing football and dreams of the NFL. And also the older ones, who would simply be happy to see more football in Germany.

Do you see great potential?

You just have to look at the London game.

There have been NFL season games there for years.

I have the feeling that half of the London stadium is from Germany (laughs). That’s why I’m sure that in the future, like in London, there won’t just be one game in Germany, but several – the hype just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

It is not without reason that a real top-class player is offered: quarterback grande Tom Brady with his Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Seattle Seahawks.

We’re talking about one of the best, if not the best, quarterbacks of all time. How many Tom Brady jerseys have I seen in Germany. And now he’s playing here, you can watch him live. Frank Buschmann (sports commentator, editor’s note) once told me that he was at a Chicago Bulls game and saw Michael Jordan in person. How much that meant to him! And that’s how it will be for the Brady fans at the stadium on Sunday.

Tom Brady during relaxed training before the game in Munich.  The 45-year-old is considered by many to be the best quarterback in NFL history.
Tom Brady during relaxed training before the game in Munich. The 45-year-old is considered by many to be the best quarterback in NFL history. (Quelle: IMAGO/Kirby Lee)

How do you explain this growing enthusiasm for the NFL in Germany?

It’s getting closer. When I grew up you had the NFL on DSF or Premiere. Today it is very different.

Streaming-Dienste, Social Media …

A personal story: My brother-in-law Cam Jordan (Defensive End of the New Orleans Saints, editor’s note) who got in touch with me after practice. I can then simply ask him: “How’s the locker room looking?” Or Jakob Johnson, who has a podcast on Tuesdays. He comes straight from training and does a podcast with Icke (Ran moderator Icke Dommisch, editor’s note). So, as a fan, you’re really right in the middle of it, as if you were there.

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