A famous Lebanese media exposes Abu Hashima and reveals the shocking secret behind the divorce of Yasmine Sabry and her expulsion from his palace on the night of Eid

The famous Lebanese journalist, Elie Bassil, revealed that businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima is living a new love story, after his official divorce from the Egyptian artist, Yasmine Sabry.

He pointed out that the new Habiba Abu Hashima is a 29-year-old non-Arab girl from Kosovo, meaning that she is 4 years younger than his ex-wife, Yasmine Sabry, called Morena Tarako, who lives in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Lebanese journalist raised the curtain on the identity of Habiba Abu Hashima, as he announced that she is far from art, works in the field of cosmetics, and has her own cosmetic clinic in Istanbul, noting that the businessman knew her during the last period through joint Egyptian friends, and began with her. In a romantic relationship and a new love story.

Morena Tarako, Abu Hashima’s new lover, has one million and 500 thousand followers on her official page on the Instagram website, as she is a fan of dogs, and enjoys eye-catching beauty and grace.

After the news was announced by the Lebanese media, the Arab public began to be present on her page and comment on her last picture, as being beautiful and sweeter than Yasmine Sabry, and many comments comparing her with his ex-wife, pointing out that this girl is the reason behind the divorce of Yasmine Sabry.

And the relationship between businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima and his ex-wife, Egyptian artist Yasmine Sabry, was recently in a state of apathy.

And the lack of love, especially after they did not appear together more than once, as previously confirmed by the same journalist, Elie Bassil, before the separation between them, where he spoke about the failure of the marital relationship of the duo Abu Hashima and Yasmine Sabry, confirming at the time that their separation from each other was close.

Although they always denied, the speculations of the public and the media about their relationship were correct after they announced the decision to separate officially, after a marriage that did not complete two years.

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