A fast-acting diet, Fifi Abdo lost 50 kilos in just a month… and she amazed the audience with her agility. You won’t believe what it is! !

A number of stars were able to regain their agility despite their shocking weights, but their determination made them very slim and beautiful.

The Egyptian star, Fifi Abdo, is one of the stars who surprised the audience by losing weight and appearing in full grace.

Fifi Abdo was able to appear lighter, more graceful and more beautiful, and when Fifi was asked about the secret of her agility, which was evident on her, she said: Dancing is the secret as it burns large amounts of fat much more than walking.

Fifi Abdo told “Nawaem” that she was keen to lose weight through the diet she followed, and she also gave up dinner.

Abdo denied any hesitation about having a plastic surgery or even a stomach reduction, and added that she had previously had a plastic surgery on her neck some time ago, but she did not do any other operations because she does not need that.

Fifi Abdo did not hide her surprise at linking her recovery to agility with plastic surgery, because before every new job, she used a diet to appear properly, in addition to that her physical fitness helps her lose weight faster.

Fifi Abdo had lost about 50 kilograms of her weight in two years until she reached a strength that amazed her audience

It is noteworthy that the last work of the artist in Abda was her participation in the series “Ali’s Work”, which was shown last Ramadan.

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