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Comments | New Oriental’s live broadcast of “bilingual goods” is out of the circle, what is it that makes netizens “top”?

Recently, there is a kind of “superior” called watching “New Oriental Live”. Many netizens said that this live broadcast room has magic power, and they don’t want to come out when they enter. When a group of English teachers switch careers to sell goods in the live broadcast room, English, philosophy, history, and literature will come, and the live broadcast room will become a classroom, and buying goods seems to be paying for knowledge.

The data shows that New Oriental’s “Oriental Selection” live broadcast room increased by 1.57 million fans and 17.77 million yuan in sales within 3 days. Although the data growth rate is far less exciting than that of “Liu Genghong” (26.86 million fans in a week), but with a new approach ” “Bilingual Bringing Goods”, created a screen-swiping effect in a very short period of time. Affected by this, the stock price of Hong Kong stock New Oriental Online rose all the way. It closed at HK$8.72 on the 14th. In less than half a month, New Oriental Online has risen by more than 200%.

It was Dong Yuhui, a former New Oriental English teacher who triggered the swipe. He introduced steak in English with standard pronunciation, and introduced a series of words and grammar related to steak. .” But he can also change his identity at any time, such as history teacher, philosophy teacher, language teacher, biology teacher, geography teacher, and even a talk show actor, with advanced jokes, philosophy of life, and famous poems at his fingertips. He described the product as “beautiful like a mountain spring, like the bright moon, like the wind passing through a canyon, like a midsummer night’s dream”; he introduced the iron pan, “it is mother’s hand, father’s sad face, and old man’s Hope for the wanderer to return home.” He said that ham is the taste of the wind, the taste of salt, the magic of nature and the curing of time.

As a person who never buys goods in the live broadcast room, the author went to the live broadcast room to “visit” several times for two consecutive days. If I really entered, I didn’t want to quit. Listening to the shy teacher Dundun introduced the application scenarios of various steaks, read “The Little Prince” in pure English, and then shared his insights “The reason why roses are precious is because you have sweated for her”, and then I placed an order for a bag of rice; I heard Dong Yuhui say: “When you are reciting words, the cod in Alaska is jumping out of the water; when you are doing math, the seagulls in the South Pacific are passing by the coast; when you are studying at night, the poles of the earth are The circle is colorful.” Then I placed an order for Shandong Pantao and a book… Then I swiped into the live broadcast room countless times, listened to what the teachers were saying for a while, clicked on the little yellow car to see what I could buy, and paid the bill. There is a kind of “knowledge payment” pleasure.

As some netizens said, what am I buying is goods, what am I buying is knowledge; I am willing to let my children watch this kind of live broadcast for a day; this time it gave me a reason to download Douyin… There is no hysterical shouting , only the filling and sublimation of the spiritual world, who can not like such a live broadcast room? The data shows that netizens spend about 30 seconds in the live broadcast room, and stay in the “Oriental Selection” live broadcast room for up to 5 minutes. I believe this data will become longer and longer.

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Why did Oriental Selection become popular in a short period of time? Does “Bilingual Bringing Goods” have such great magic power? Industry insiders analyzed that “Oriental Selection” actually gave viewers who are used to watching handsome guys and beautiful anchors a refreshing feeling. The teachers of New Oriental used the power of knowledge to crush many celebrities and Internet celebrities, which is a standard dimensionality reduction blow. At present, the live broadcast on the Internet is relatively impetuous, and the slogans are loud, low-level and even vulgar and funny. Therefore, when the knowledgeable and eloquent New Oriental teacher combines the live broadcast with the live broadcast, everyone realizes that it is different. thing. It is better to say that the victory is in the “culture” than in the “bilingual delivery of goods”.

At 19:52 on June 14, the second largest full moon of the year, the “supermoon”, rose into the sky and was visible to the naked eye. Colleagues working overtime put down their work one after another, walked to the window and looked at the bright moon outside the window, enjoying the romance and poetry. Just like the “Moon and Sixpence” that New Oriental English teachers often mentioned in the live broadcast room, in the live broadcast room full of sixpence, we hope that more and more people can look up and see the moon!

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