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Takashi Kiri, who is currently active as a writer and creator.

Autumn is finally here! Various news continues to make noise in the world. Under such circumstances, from among the articles in this magazine that have reported many scoops, we will follow up on the news that had a particularly large response!

《It may be erased from this world, but thisMaikoActual situation of

On June 26th, the tweet posted with the photo of the tatami room quickly received more than 130,000 retweets (at the time) and more than 300,000 “likes”.

“At the age of 16, I was made to drink so much that I was forced to take a bath with a customer (although I tried my best to escape). I would like you to reconsider if this is really traditional culture.”

Posted byKyoto・Mr. Kiyoha Kiriki who was a maiko in Pontocho. Kiritaka, who entered the Yakata (Okiya) in February 2015, revealed that her name in her maiko era was Ichikoma, and answered her first media interview for this magazine. , two weeks after her first post.

“As soon as I posted it, there was a reaction on SNS. Since it was an account I used to use, I also received contacts from my friends and acquaintances from my maiko days.

During my time as a maiko, I consulted with them about various concerns. “Monetary purpose? ]was also written. I was really scared.”

Two days after Mr. Kiritaka posted his first post, Shigeyuki Goto, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare (at the time), said at a press conference, “It is important for geisha and maiko to work in an appropriate environment.” The reaction of the public was great, such as showing However, Mr. Kiritaka’s appeal did not seem to reach Kyoto’s geisha quarters at first.

At that time, a person involved in a entertainment district different from Mr. Kiritaka told this magazine.

“On the day after the post, the teahouse association of each geisha district willdrinkingIt seems that a “notice” was distributed to limit it to tea indoors. In addition, the tea shop asked the okiya, who manages the maiko, not to respond to individual interviews.

It seems that some okiyas have banned maiko from going out for the time being. At that time, she said, “Because Ichikoma is saying something strange.” In other words, I gave the impression that Ichikoma was a rebel.”

but,underageIt is said that as the reality of the maiko, who are the people of the entertainment district, became clear through Mr. Kiritaka, there were signs of change in the geisha district as well.

“One of the geisha districts has already stopped maiko from drinking alcohol completely. Also, in the same geisha district, it seems that maikos must return to their okiya by 10pm.

In the first place, Maiko refers to women between the ages of 15 and 20 who train to become geisha. Other geisha districts will have no choice but to follow suit.”

Kiritaka says:

“I was happy that everyone took seriously the reality of maiko.

However, long-standing customs are hard to change. I’ve heard that regular customers who are tight-lipped have the same hospitality as before. We need a radical solution.”

It seems that it will take a little longer for the bad habits that have been continued as a tradition to become completely a thing of the past.

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