A girl gave up her millionaire inheritance to enter a monastery in India

Devashi Sanghvi was going to inherit the family business, the company Sanghvi and Sonswhich has been dedicated, since 1981, to the commercialization and export of diamonds in Surat, Indiadecided to put aside a life of luxury to join a religious order of the fe of Jain.

The jainism It is a doctrine originating from the India, from the 6th century, which seeks to direct the soul and conscience towards “a divine state and liberation”. It is a non-theistic religion and without divinities. By accepting this doctrine, adherents take four vows: non-violence (ahimsa), sincerity, asceticism (or renouncing material pleasures) and rectitude. Among his practices, vegetarianism and fasting are also encouraged.

How is the Jain code?

The girl’s family, also members of the Jain faith, announced their decision this week, where she was feted in a four-day ceremony culminating in the initiation; the ritual of initiation to the cult where the person has to get rid of all their material positions and dresses in a white cotton outfit.

According to the Jain code the girl will be a member of the faith who will dedicate her life to live according to the strictest ethics of the religion or ascetic. According to a research paper by Azam Khodashenas Nikoo and Abdoullah Namdar of the University of Mysore, India, the asceticsThey renounce possessions, relationships, emotions and desire. (…) They live within the community and act as teachers and living examples of Jain truth.”

Devanshi Sanghvi

Statements from the family to the local media ensured that the girl had expressed her desire to enter the monastery. A girl who “never watched television, movies or has gone to shopping centers and restaurants,” said a close friend of the family and that she was known among members of the community for her piety.

Jainism currently has more than four million followers, although there have been criticisms of the practices they carry out; such as prolonged fasting since in 2016 a 13-year-old girl died in Hyderabad as a result of it.

Devanshi Sanghvi

Devanshi Sanghvi


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