A great Egyptian artist exposes Sherine Abdel Wahab in front of millions and teaches her a harsh lesson that she will never forget!! (exciting details)

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The Egyptian star Sherine Abdel Wahab ignited the anger of the poet and artist Bahaa El Din Mohamed, who in turn also decided to repay her in front of millions of people, so what happened?

The beginning was with Sherine Abdel Wahab, who was asked a question through her account on Instagram from one of her followers about a song she regretted submitting, to reply saying: “The Song of You Don’t Hurt Me” by the poet Bahaa El Din Muhammad.

This angered the poet Bahaa El-Din Muhammad, who decided to respond to it on his Facebook page:

“I won’t respond to anyone. But when someone goes beyond his limits, he must stand in his place and know that no matter how much he makes a mistake, he must come to some names, be held accountable, and clear his mind, especially when someone has every disaster he defends!!! .

And Bahaa El-Din Muhammad continued: And I will speak very briefly: The first scene: ..the first day Sherine Abdel Wahab entered my office, she was with Professor Nasr Harous, who is the one who is credited with presenting it. Minutes after the meeting, we met Sherine crying and Nasr asked her to give her why she responded because I am sitting with Professor Bahaa! !!” .

And Bahaa El-Din Muhammad added, and the second scene: I nominated her to sing a lot, we love, and if it wasn’t for Nasr’s approval, out of respect for the ten we had, she wouldn’t sing it because she was suspended from the union.

Bahaa El-Din Muhammad explained: The third scene…when I was surprised by her manager, the man I love and respect, I met him talking to me on her behalf and telling me he heard the new one, and this is of course a mistake because the one who sings, whatever his name is, is not supposed to make a mistake like this!!! Because this scene is not suitable for the first scene.

Bahaa El-Din Muhammad referred to the fourth and final scene: The song You Don’t Hurt Me. So far, I don’t like Sherine’s singing, with all due respect to her voice. And for sure, had it not been for Mr. Nasr, the meeting would not have taken place. And not hurting me is one of my most important works and I have the right to defend it as a result of the recklessness that I sang.”

Finally, Bahaa Al-Din Muhammad said: And for the first time, he met someone who fought himself and made a mistake in the creators who participated in its manufacture!!! .. And to write these words, Sherine is mistaken as usual, but I had to say it. Do not do this again, and you will grow up, but you will not exceed the limits of the size of some names or their works.”

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